La Pita, a special flowering plant

The most characteristic plants of the desert are the cactus and crass. The Pita It is a family of succulents that come from Mexico. This plant is very resistant to both very high and very low temperatures. Although it is a plant of warm climates, by what with low temperatures I mean eight or nine degrees.

Depending on the type of Pita, the height that this plant can reach is twelve meters. With this size it is ideal for planting in the garden, however, it can be planted in a pot, as this will reduce the size of it.

Adore the Salt but hold the semi-shadow. The irrigation required is minimal, with once a month in winter and twice in summer is more than enough.

It is a plant with great valueSince it has therapeutic effects, it can be eaten and its wood is widely used to make utensils. It is said that it is very sugary, I have not tried it but they say it has as much as sugar beet or sugar cane. A liquor is made with this plant called Pulque.

Here at the medicine It is used to heal burns and in liver diseases.

When the plant dies, the wood It is very good and is used to make stairs and musical instruments such as timpani.

The most curious thing about this plant is that hard about 40 years and before dying the flowering takes place. It only blooms once and the flower is made up of a huge stalk of 10 to 12 meters that ends with several branches with yellow flowers. Once the flower falls, the plant dies, but first it leaves its young.

These suckers are through which multiply The pita.

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Photo – pitaschool

La Pita, a special flowering plant

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