What is the Narcissus flower like and when does it sprout?

The Narcissus is a plant that has a bulb shape and at the same time it has a variety that is between an approximate of about 40 different species.

What is the Narcissus flower like?

The Narcissus is a plant that is shaped like a bulb

Narcissus flowers usually they usually grow in the form of groupsHowever, they have the possibility of sprouting individually.

This is a plant in which its flowering stage occurs in the spring, therefore this is the most suitable time in which we can observe these flowers. This is because the flowers begin to sprout four months after their germination process has passed.

Narcissus varieties

We can find a great variety of DaffodilsIn this way, among the best known we have the following:

Narcissus cheat

This type of Narcissus produces only one flower for each stem

Long-tube daffodil

These in the same way as the Narcissus trompon, also they usually produce only one flower per stemHowever, the tube of this Narcissus can be longer than 1/3 with respect to the size of each of its petals.

Your height on the other hand, it can measure approximately between 30 and 60 centimeters. As an example, we can mention the Carltonde that is yellow, the Silver Lining that is white and finally we can mention the Fortune that has two colors.

Short-tube daffodil

This Narcissus produces only one flower for each stem

Some species of the most common that we can mention we have the Erigid which is white, the Mahmoud and La Riante, both in two colors.

Double daffodil

These have more than one whorl of petals that cannot be distinguished from the tube. They can have a measure about 30 to about 45 centimeters and some of them are the Golden Ducat which is yellow, Snowball which is white and the Texas which can be found in two colors.

Triple daffodil

It is usually a species that has more than one flower per stem that can be between 15 to 45 centimeters tall. Among the most common we can find Liberty, Thalia in white and Dawn, which is bicolor.

Cyclamen narcissus

The flowers of this species are pendulous that have long tubes

Green daffodil

This is the smallest speciesideal to be grown in a pot. It is a rare plant that produces a flower that has a strange green color and an unpleasant smell.

What is the Narcissus flower like and when does it sprout?

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