How to care for orchids in winter?

Orchids are plants that live in the tropical and subtropical rainforests of the world, which means that unfortunately they can’t stand the cold, much less frost. For this reason, when we buy a copy with the arrival of winter it is usually quite ugly, and we often have to discard it. Or that was what we did until now.

The reality is that while it is difficult, it is not impossible to keep them alive. Take these into account tips on how to care for orchids in winter to be able to achieve that your plants arrive healthy to the spring.

Protect them from the cold

It is the most important thing. Temperature below 10 degrees Celsius could kill them. To prevent this from happening, keep them indoors, away from drafts (both cold and warm), otherwise the leaves would spoil and the orchids would run out of energy.

Ideally, keep it in a very bright room, near a heat source (the router, a heated terrarium, etc.)

Beware of watering

Irrigation is very necessary for orchids (and certainly for all plants), but it is especially delicate for our protagonists, and much more so in winter. It has to be very scarcebecause the low temperatures and the fewer hours of light make the drying of the roots slower. So, you have to continue being guided by the color of the roots of your epiphytes (they are planted in transparent plastic pots) and water them only when they are white; and if they are terrestrial or semi-terrestrial, water them once a week. Use rainwater or lime-free water that is around 37ºC.

Transplant them in late winter

Protect your Cymbidium from the cold

When temperatures slowly start to rise, you can transplant them using a specific substrate for orchids that you will find for sale in nurseries. Likewise also you can pay them with a specific subscription following the instructions specified on the package. In this way, you will give it the strength to flourish.

Enjoy your orchids .

How to care for orchids in winter?

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