How to decorate a table with natural flowers

The flowers are beautiful, very ornamental. Being so brightly colored they help us to have a perfectly decorated table, any type of table. Whether in the living room, kitchen or dining room, they look great in any corner.

But Do you know how to decorate a table with natural flowers? If you have doubts, follow our advice so that you can enjoy a much more pleasant stay thanks to these works of art of nature.


Table with a beautiful flower arrangement

When you want to decorate a table with natural flowers, one of the most important things to do is look at the room. (room, garden, etc.) to know which are the predominant colors. Flowers, by their very nature, are very brightly colored; not in vain, they have to be able to attract pollinating insects. So, if for example we want to put them in a place where different shades of green predominate, the ideal would be to pick yellow, pink or even purple flowers.

However, if we want to decorate a table that is in an area where whites and light colors predominate, we can do two things: either look for colored flowers that stand out a lot, such as red or blue, or on the contrary put colors soft.

Vase or basket

Natural flowers on a table

Everything will depend on what type of flowers we want to put. Those that have a long stem and are small, such as rose bushes or carnations, are ideal in long and narrow vases; On the other hand, those that are large, like those of hydrangeas, can be used for more or less wide vases.

In the event that we love flowers and want to have many on a single table, we can choose to place them in a basket. Now, it is very important that we introduce a tray with water so that they can last us longer.

Number of flowers on a table

Hydrangea flower to decorate a table

Again, the number of flowers will depend on the place, the size of the table, as well as our personal tastes. Thus, if it is small, you can put many small flowers in a vase or, conversely, put only one large one to make it stand out.

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How to decorate a table with natural flowers

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