Ideas for natural flower arrangements

Would you like to decorate your home with natural flower arrangements? The truth is that they look very good, and despite the fact that as the days go by they wither (something that can be slowed down if we do some things that we will see later), they give a lot of life to the house.

However, you may have a lot of flowers but you don’t know how to place them, so we are going to help you. Here we show you a series of ideas for natural flower arrangements that will look great on a table, on a shelf, … or wherever you want to place it.

Seasonal flower arrangement

Natural flower arrangement

In this beautiful center we have chosen to put spring flowers: carnations, lilies and the classic roses. Combining the different colors that each one has A center has been left that is perfect to color a special event, such as a birthday for an adult or elderly person, or the birth of a baby..

Hydrangea and rose bushes center

Hydrangea flower arrangement

The curious inflorescences that hydrangeas and rose bushes have are wonderful. By choosing light tones it can be used as a centerpiece in the dining roomsince it is very elegant but it does not stand out much, so when it comes to meeting with the family to eat it will not be uncomfortable to see, rather the opposite.

Rose center

Red rose center

The red roses center is the typical but magnificent center that we can find at weddings. Red roses are phenomenal in these events, not in vain, they are associated with the meaning of love. To make it even more beautiful, you can choose to combine them with small flowers, such as the ones in the snowdrop or those of the erica.

Another option is to put orange roses to celebrate an already consolidated love, like these:

Rose center

Pretty, right? But if we want to be able to enjoy them for as long as possible we have to do the following:

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Ideas for natural flower arrangements

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