Black in nature is an extremely rare color, since it is associated with death, that is, non-life. If one of our plants shows up like this, we immediately think that it is very bad, right? But yes friends, yes, it can also be the symbol of the life of some beautiful vegetables such as black tulip.

A bulbous that you can easily find in nurseries and that, with minimal care, you can enjoy in your patio or in your garden.

Tulip flower

The black tulip is an extraordinary plant, which you can plant both in a pot and in the garden. Its floral stem reaches a height of about 30-35cm, so that looks great in any sunny or bright corner (without direct sun). In fact, it can even be inside the homeas long as it is near a window or in a very bright room.

Whether planted in groups with other black tulips or with others of other colors, you are sure to enjoy it a lot, since its cultivation and maintenance is very simpleso much so that it will be easy for you to have even if you do not have much experience with plants.

Blooming tulip

And if you don’t believe me, take note of our advice and then if you want, tell us :

  • Location: put it in a bright area. Outdoors, it can be both in full sun and in semi-shade; indoors it must be in a room where a lot of light comes in from outside.
  • Irrigation: about three times a week.
  • Planting time: in autumn. If the bulb is 2cm high, it has to be buried 4cm.
  • Soil or substrate: it is not demanding, but it must have very good drainage.
  • Subscriber: it is highly recommended to fertilize it with a fertilizer for bulbs following the indications specified on the package.

Enjoy it.