How to get orchids to bloom?

Orchids are one of the most beautiful exotic plants in the world. They produce very cheerful and beautiful colored flowers, but it is not always easy to get them to bloom again since the conditions they had in the nursery and those they have at home are very different.

Still, we can do several things to get orchids to bloom. It may take a while to do it, but with this care they will surely end up giving us their precious and delicate petals.

Put them in the right place


Orchids are plants that grow under the shade of the branches of large tropical trees. But this does not have to confuse us: they are not shady. They cannot live in areas where no sunlight reaches them. In order for them to grow correctly and flourish, they must be in a very bright place..

Water them when they need it

No more no less. If it is an epiphytic orchid such as the PhalaenopsisIt will be very easy to know when to water them, since their roots turn green as soon as they come into contact with water, and they turn white when they are dry. But if it is EarthWe will water it three times a week in summer and every five days the rest of the year. We will use water without lime.

Keep them in a warm and humid environment

Being tropical, it is necessary that the environmental humidity is high, between 50 and 100%. If we live in a rather dry area, we can buy a humidifier or place glasses of water on the plant around.

In addition, the temperatures must also be high, because if they are kept below 15ºC they will not flower.

Fertilize it during spring and summer

Cymbidium 'Kirby Lesh' flowers

So that it can grow and develop, and incidentally have extra energy that it can spend with the production of flowers, it is advisable to fertilize it throughout the spring and summer with an orchid fertilizer that we will find for sale in the nurseries.

This way we will make them bloom again .

How to get orchids to bloom?

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