When to prune rose bushes

Rose bushes are shrubs that produce extraordinarily beautiful flowers. They are, probably, the most cultivated garden plants, or one of the most demanded. They do not require much care and, in addition, they are beautiful during a good part of the year.

However, so that they can produce new flowers each season it is necessary that we prune them regularly. Therefore, we are going to explain when the rose bushes are pruned.

Our protagonists are plants that have been cultivated for centuries. They look lovely both in the garden and in a pot, on the balcony, on the patio or on the terrace. To be healthy, they only need to be in an area where they are in direct sunlight for at least four hours a day, and frequent waterings.. Especially in summer, it will be convenient to water them very often to prevent the soil from drying out.

As they are plants that bloom from spring to fall, pruning season lasts all those months since as the flowers wither we have to cut them. If we didn’t, we would end up having a shrub with smaller leaves and flowers. To avoid this, we must take pruning shears and cut the flower stem. Thus, the rose bush would continue to produce large, pretty flowers.

Blooming roses

But, apart from these little prunings, It is also necessary that towards the end of winter we give it a greater pruning in order that new branches sprout. To do this, we have to take a small hand saw or appropriate scissors previously disinfected with pharmacy alcohol and, letting 4 to 6 buds grow, we must cut from two to four.

When finished, if we want we can put healing paste on the wounds. In this way, the risk of infection will be minimal, which is undoubtedly very interesting since our rose bush will be able to continue growing without problems.

When to prune rose bushes

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