Spring, the ideal time to plant bulbs

Spring is the flower season par excellence, but… not the only one. During the hottest months of the year there are many plants that can bring color and freshness to our garden or terrace, such as gladioli, dahlias or buttercups. These three have one thing in common and that is should be planted in spring to be able to flower two or three months laterin summer.

Do you dare to plant bulbs? Let us help you .


The bulbous family is very extensive: there are more than 120 genera with their many species and varieties! And the best thing is that many of them bloom during the summer. There are some that must be planted in autumn to be able to enjoy their flowers during spring, such as tulips or hyacinths; but there are others that are planted during the spring and bloom during the summer and even in the fall. The list of the latter is very, very long: dahlias, buttercups, crocosmias, lilies, rattan,…

All of them have spectacular flowers, very bright colors. Besides, also you can find bulbous plants that stand out for having very decorative leaveslike some varieties of the cane indicates.


How bulbs are planted and cared for

Bulbous plants need a well-draining substrate / soil to avoid rotting. A) Yes, I recommend mixing black peat with 30% perlite (or any similar material). If you want to plant it directly in the garden, make a small 20cm hole, fill it with universal substrate and plant the bulb about 5cm below ground level, in an area exposed to direct sun.

With regard to irrigation, this should be occasional. As usual, we have to water between 2 and 3 times a weekAlthough if you see that the soil is very dry, water your bulbs more often – avoiding waterlogging – so that they do not dry out and can produce an interesting quantity of flowers.

Plant bulbs in spring, and enjoy a summer full of color.

Spring, the ideal time to plant bulbs

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