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Botanophobia is the fear of plants.

If you are a follower or follower of the blog, it is unlikely that you have botanophobia, but the reality is that in the world there are people who feel real fear for the simple fact of being near a plant. The feeling of discomfort is as true as the one I would feel if I were put next to a crocodile; And I won’t even tell you if it was a megalodon (it is the name given to the largest shark that existed about 2 million years ago: it was 20 meters long!).

We know that plants are there for a reason, in the same way that the crocodile or the shark play an important role in the ecosystem. But phobias are terrible. Let’s see what is botanophobia and how is it treated.

What is botanophobia?

It is fear or fear of all kinds of plants: trees, shrubs, palms, flowers, climbing plants, … It is a persistent, abnormal and unjustified sensation (like all phobias). It can appear at any time in life, from when we are children until we grow up and become adults, but due to the imagination we have as children, it is more likely to appear at an early age.

For example, watching movies where plants have a “killer” behavior towards other forms of life can create a lot of fear and anxiety in the child. But also if you grow up in a family that believes that plants steal oxygen from humans, you may not want to go near any.

How is it treated?

You may expect me to say “go to the psychologist”, but before that I am going to advise you something else. Talk to people who like plants and who also know about them. If you have the opportunity, meet a botanist, who will explain what plant beings are and how they behave.

Watch nature documentaries (»The Private Lives of Plants» by David Attenborough are highly recommended) even if you are afraid. He thinks that what is seen on television does not come out of it; that is, they cannot pass through the glass so you can rest easy.

Astrophytum decorated with flowers

Flores del Astrophytum ornamented

Ignorance is the food of fear. Read about plants, so little by little you will see that they do not pose any danger. Cheer up.

Botanophobia, fear of plants | Gardening On

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