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maple bonsai

The year has several days that are very special for us humans: birthdays, celebrations, and other types of events during which we really want to give something to that loved one. And, like every year, we look for a gift that you really love.

Although in the stores we will find many ideas, in Gardening On we are going to suggest a bonsai. Yes, yes, a miniature tree. Does it seem risky? Find out why give a bonsai .

It is a living being that needs care



Bonsai is a tree that needs a number of care So that I can be as good as ever Although it is true that it is not an easy plant, if you choose a resistant one, such as an elm or a ficus, it may be the excuse that that dear person was looking for to fully immerse himself in this fascinating world.

In addition, the fact of knowing that a plant depends on us, helps us stay activesomething that is good for our health.

It is the symbol of good health and longevity

If we want you to know how much we care and how good we wish you, there is nothing like a bonsai. Giving him one, we will be telling him that we want his health to be good and our friendship to be longat the same time that we will wish you a long life.

It is a plant that helps to live more calmly

When we look at a bonsai, we see the result of work done by a human being. This person, to achieve his goal, has had to be patient, and precisely for that reason giving one is one of the best options, because with him we learn to live life differently, more calmly.

Azalea bonsai

Azalea Bonsai

So, you know, if you don’t know what to give a person who is fond of plants, surprise them with a bonsai. You are sure to love it.

Why give a bonsai | Gardening On

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