Find out which is the best moon to sow garlic


Garlic plants are one of those that should not be missing in any garden or pot garden. They are very easy to grow, and also have multiple uses both as culinary and medicinal. But do you know which is the best moon to sow garlic?

From the outset, I can tell you that they are sown in early spring (it can even be in late winter if the weather is warm or mild) or in autumn. But if we are one of those who like to follow the lunar sowing calendar, we will have to choose the most appropriate moon phase.

What is the effect of the moon on plants?

Moon and tree

moon and tree

The Moon, the satellite of the planet we live on, has an important effect, not only on the tides, but also on plants (and some say that even on humans, especially when it is full, but that is another issue tema ). But also, depending on the phase in which it is, we will see some effects or others:

  • First quarter: the growth of the plants is balanced by having more light. In this phase it is a good time to sow the seeds, since they will germinate earlier and better.
  • Full moon: in this phase the sap moves more quickly throughout the plant, from the roots to the leaves, flowers and fruits. This is because the light is increasing, so it is a good time to do transplants.
  • Last quarter: in this phase the lunar rays lose intensity, so the leaves will grow less and less.
    If we have to transplant or perform anti-pest treatments, now is the ideal occasion.
  • New Moon: in this phase the lunar rays lose even more intensity, and the growth of the plants slows down more.
    What tasks to perform? Basically, maintenance: trellising, eliminating suckers and plants that come out spontaneously, or fertilizing with organic material (compost, humus, etc.).

Which moon is the best for sowing garlic?

Garlic plants

garlic plants

Some time ago I read on a site to a person whose uncle, who was a gardener, told him …:

When the moon wanes, everything that goes down is sown and when the moon grows, everything that goes up is sown.

And it is that popular wisdom, in this case, of the farmers who have been working the land throughout their lives (or a good part of it), never fails. If we want better garlic, it is best to plant them on a waning moon.

Do you need more info? Then find out what the garlic cultivation.

Find out which is the best moon to sow garlic

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