Buying guide for aluminum stairs

aluminum stairs

Are you looking for aluminum stairs and have you found that there are many on the market? It is something usual; the problem is that if you don’t know too much about them, you may buy something that doesn’t really meet your expectations.

Therefore, we are going to change that result and for this we present you a special guide to buy aluminum stairs that really serve you. Go for it?

Top 1. The best aluminum ladder


  • It has 7 steps.
  • Maximum load of each step 125 kilos.
  • Durability.


  • It becomes unstable.
  • Needs support when working too high.

Selection of aluminum stairs

Find other aluminum stairs that may be related to what you are looking for.

Ladder 4 steps Folding Aluminum

With a maximum capacity of 150 kilos, This ladder is suitable for home use. The maximum height of this is 83 cm.

Amig – Folding Ladder with Aluminum Handle Mod.485

you have a ladder 8 steps, each 8 cm wide. It is perfect for the home but also professionally (especially at home).

Homelux 710028 Flat Domestic Stairs

This ladder has 5 steps and a load capacity of 150 kilos. It is easy to fold, light, safe and stablealthough sometimes it is difficult to open. In addition, it is a bit narrow so it can cause problems when you want to put both feet on the same step.

BTF Articulated Telescopic Folding Ladder

This ladder has a load capacity of 150 kilos. Their maximum height is 4.83 meters and can be used in its small form or fully extended.

BTF Ladder 3 Sections Extendable Transformable in Aluminum

It is an aluminum ladder with a load capacity of 150 kilos. It is quite stable and strong compared to other ladders, which makes it suitable for home or professional use.

Aluminum ladder buying guide

If you want to buy aluminum stairs suitable for your needs, then you have to know some key factors when doing so. And it is that you have to focus, not only on the price, but on other aspects. Which? Shall we tell you?


We start with the size. And it is that aluminum stairs can have multiple sizes depending on the use that is given to them. If it is for the house, they will normally be small and will not reach a very large height. But if they are professionals, and for work at heights, these can be much longer.


As for the type, you should think about the designs of the stairs. there are domestic (which have a low design or few steps), telescopic, retractable, extendable, scissor, folding, vertical, multipurpose, multiposition…

The choice between them will depend above all on how you are going to use them (and the needs you have).


It is necessary to start from the base that the aluminum stairs they are quite light (much more than wood or steel) so you will have an average weight of between 3 and 10 kilos (the latter being the most professional).

Price range

We are not going to tell you that aluminum stairs are cheap, because they really are not. But its price depends on the use that we give it, yes It will vary between 50 and more than 300 euros. It is a very wide fork to choose from.

Which is better: an aluminum or steel ladder?

When you think of a ladder that is durable, resistant and that will almost remain unaffected for years and years, the material that you think of the most is steel or aluminum. And of those two, you could opt for steel.

However, you should know that aluminum is much better. Why? Because the material is fireproof, malleable, recyclable, non-toxic, resistant, durable and ductile.

On top of that, it is maintenance free and is a much lighter material than steel itself (which would make the stairs too heavy). Add to that the fact that it is not magnetic (thus reducing the risk of fire), and its steps are quite safe (because they are notched).

For all this, the choice is clear: better an aluminum ladder than a steel one.

How safe are aluminum ladders?

The previous question can lead us to ask ourselves this one. That is, to think if these aluminum stairs are safe and how much.

In general, among the characteristics that it has, the fact that they are light and durable make many opt for them. Are easy to transport, do not accumulate dirt and also last longer than those made of wood.

But what about your security? Almost all (if not all) aluminum ladders They have non-slip steps and rubber pads. that prevent the ladder from moving. Also, it is quite stable.

For all this, they make it one of the best options for working at height, although it must be remembered that good care must always be maintained to avoid accidents.

Where to buy?

buy aluminum ladder

buy aluminum ladder

Now yes, the time has come to take the plunge and encourage you to buy an aluminum ladder. But where to do it? We have visited some of the most sought after stores to give you our impressions of what you are going to find. Check out.

The Amazon

It is true that it does not have the same variety as in other articles, but it is still quite variable in terms of choosing because it has many models and prices.

Of course, control the products well because sometimes they may not be aluminum.

Brico Depot

It has a special section for stairs but it mixes the aluminum ones with other materials and that means that you have to go item by item finding the most suitable one for you (you don’t have to filter by material). To that you must add the fact that not only You will have stairs but also accessories, benches, platforms…

As for prices, there are all kinds, from the cheapest to other very expensive ones.


In Bricomart there is a special section for stairs and you can filter by material to find aluminum stairs. They don’t have too many models, but these are of multiple prices and would suit any pocket well.


Compared with other products, stair items They do not offer us a wide catalogue, but they do give us many options to choose from (more than in other stores). Of course, it does not allow us to filter by material, so you will have to look one by one to find the one that really works for you and suits you.

Leroy Merlin

In this store we are going to have it a little more “complicated” to find the aluminum ladder you want. And it is that within its section of stairs has many subsections and it will depend on the use you are going to give it to enter one or the other.

For example, you have a section of domestic aluminum stairs, but also of multiposition stairs where you can find aluminum.

Have you already opted for your aluminum ladder?

Buying guide for aluminum stairs

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