How to buy quality universal substrate

universal substrate

If you like plants and you have them at home, you will know that, after a while, you need to change the pot or fill them with soil. For this, you can use a universal substrate mixed with perlite or some different drainage.

But Do you know how to buy a quality universal substrate? And where to get him? We help you to give the best “nutrition” to your plants.

Top 1. The best universal substrate for plants



  • Dry land.
  • The bag can break.

Selection of universal culture substrates

We present other universal substrate options that may also be suitable for your plants.

Batlle Seeds – Universal Substrate 5l, Yellow color

This substrate It is defined as very high performance, being both for ornamental and horticultural plants, whether indoors or outdoors. It is a 5 liter bag and is made in Spain.

Algoflash – Universal Substrate for All Plant Varieties

This 6-liter bag is made of nutritious elements that favor rooting. The formula is made from blackhead mobs, vegetable materials, clay, horse manure… It is easy to use and with a dosage of use.

Substrate Univ. Professional 70l.

This substrate is indicated for cultivation. This made of blonde, brown and black peat, coconut fiber, perlite and vermiculite. It also includes a root accelerator and a phosphorous fertilizer. The bag is 70 liters.

Universal Substrate ECO 45L

We are talking about a universal substrate suitable for both interior and exterior. It can also be used for plant fertility and plant stimulation. It has nutrients for agriculture, which means that you can also use it for other plants. you will have a 45 liter bag.

COMPO Novatec Universal Blue Fertilizer, 5 kg

It is a Complete fertilizer with magnesium, sulfur, microelements… It has an improved formula with less phosphorus and is respectful with the environment. In this case you will have a 5 kilo bag.

Buying guide for a universal substrate bag

Buying a universal substrate is not going to a store, taking the cheapest one and that’s it. In reality, it is necessary that you take into account some factors that will make your purchase the most successful and above all that you can save.

Sometimes, in the market you can find many types of substrates, but not all of them have the same quality, or are the best for your plants. What to look at then? We tell you.

Quantity or Liters

The first thing that will influence, and a lot, the price, will be the amount of universal substrate. A 1 liter bag of earth is not the same as one of 10. Or 20.

Not all stores have different quantity measurementsbut they usually bring those that they consider will sell better. But depending on how many plants you have, or if it is for a large or small garden, you will need more or less amount of substrate.


Another important point is the brand of the universal substrate. There are many on the market, some more popular than others. But there are always some that stand out, especially for quality, or for the balance they give between quality and price.

Our suggestion is that always go for quality brands because that way you will know that your plant will receive the necessary nutrients.

Price range

And we come to the price. This is based on all of the above that we have marked for you, which means that it is quite difficult to give you an exact price. The fork is very varied because it will depend on the brand and the liters of substrate you want.

Therefore, we can tell you that from 2 euros you have several bags of substrate (it is a relatively cheap product).

What is the universal substrate?

Have you ever wondered what the universal substrate is? That carries? Well, here we solve that doubt. And it is that the universal substrate is actually a mixture made with blonde and black peat, as well as perlite, or vermiculite. It has organic and/or chemical fertilizers, and finally some coconut fiber.

Obviously, depending on the brand the proportion of each of the mixtures differsand that’s where you see the best or worst quality.

How to make universal substrate?

Do you want to make homemade universal substrate? Then take note of this recipe because it can help you. For this, you will have to mix coco peat, preferably presoaked, also perlite, or vermiculite (we recommend the first one). This will make it looser. Also, use two parts of sieved compost and about a half or a cup of worm castings, which will take care of maintaining and supplying nutrients.

What does the universal substrate contribute to the soil?

You should know that the universal substrate is slightly acidicnot too much. In addition, it is not that it is very rich in organic matter. However, among the contributions offered by this land are:

  • Good water retention (without it becoming a problem).
  • Stays moist longer.
  • It facilitates the anchoring of the plants to the ground.
  • Allows optimal aeration.

Where to buy?

buy universal substrate

buy universal substrate

After all of the above, it’s time to get down to business and buy the best universal substrate. But where to do it? We give you some suggestions of stores that are not bad.

The Amazon

amazon yes that It has variety in terms of universal substrates of many different brands. Now, you should keep in mind that the prices are much more expensive than if you find that product on another site.

Leroy Merlin

We cannot say that they have a lot of variety, but there is plenty to choose from. In this case, The prices are very varied, depending on the brand or the liters that each bag carries.

Garden stores and nurseries

Of all the options, this would be the best of all, because It is one of the cheapest you will find. Of course, you will not have many brands to choose from, because gardening stores and nurseries work with very few, but at least they will be of quality.

Have you already decided on the universal substrate that is right for you?

How to buy quality universal substrate

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