Pears: Characteristics and cultivation of different pears that exist today

image of many green colored pears with eye colored specks

The pear is characterized by being a typical fruit of the Mediterranean, whose cultivation tends to focus on temperate areas and originates from regions located in Southeast Asia and Europe.

This fruit is available throughout the year, since it is produced in various regions worldwide, not only in the northern hemisphere, but also in the south, which is due to the huge range of pear varieties that have different maturation periods.


Apart from this and thanks to the fact that it is possible to keep them inside chambers due to current means of transport, the various varieties of pears can be found anywhere in the world shortly after harvest.

However, it should be noted that the best period of the year in which to enjoy this fruit is summer. With the arrival of this season, markets are often filled with smells, textures, colors and flavors of the wide variety of pears that exists, so it is difficult to choose just one of them.

In addition, it can be said that it is a really delicious and refreshing fruit to eat it raw, although it is usually equally appreciated when used in the kitchen as an accompaniment to roasts of poultry / meats and many other dishes.

However, the moment when it stands out the most is usually when it is used as an ingredient inside the bakery, when preparing pears in syrup, wine, roasted, with yogurt, cakes, biscuits, jam, smoothies, brownie, etc.

Know the different varieties

As we have mentioned, there are multiple varieties of pears grownwhich vary not only in shape and size, but also in colors and textures. Among which are the following:

ercolini pear

close up image of the Ercolini Pear with water drops on it

close up image of Ercolini Pear with water droplets on it

It is a variety of fine skin, medium size and of a yellowish tone with a green background with reddish areas. This variety of pears is mainly produced in Jumilla (Murcia, Spain).


It is a variety with reddish and green tones, which has a sweet and hard meat. It is very similar to the San Juan varietyalthough larger.


image of two Castell pears plus a third game in half

image of two Castell pears plus a third cut in half

Also known as St. John’s pear. It consists of a variety of small size that has a skin of a yellowish green tone and red spots. It is the earliest variety produced in summer.

Lemon tree

It is a variety also called Doctor Jules Guyotwhich stands out for being yellow and having black spots.

It is the most refreshing variety that can be found during the summer season, having a higher production in Lleida. It is soft meat and has a sweet and juicy flavor, which positions it as the favorite of the little ones.


image of a Bosc pear standing and with a brown color

image of a Bosc pear upright and with a brown color

It is also called the Kaiser Alexander pear; They are large in size and have an elongated neck with a white pulp. It is characterized because it is perfect for roasting.


Is a variety of white pulpmedium size and with a great resistance to oxidation once it is peeled, so they are ideal for both salads and fruit salads.


white pear of green color placed in front of a white background

whitish green colored pear placed in front of a white background

It is a variety of pears that has a medium size, small heart and smooth skinwhich is also called a water pear.


This variety stands out for the oxidation that its skin undergoes, it has a quite sweet taste and a slight acid touch.


image of three William's pears and a fourth half game

image of three William's pears and a fourth cut in half

It is characterized by being a variety of pear highly valued within the canning industry; It is a type of pear with shiny skin, large size and a green tone which turns lemon yellow when it reaches maturity.

It has a sweet and fine pulp that has a large amount of water.

Although there are many other varieties of pears, the truth is that each of the ones we have described above, usually stand out as the most consumed and affordable economically.

Pears: Characteristics and cultivation of different pears that exist today

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