How to divide peonies. Transplanting peonies in the fall.

So that peonies bloom profusely and do not get sick share peonies and they need to be transplanted every 5-7 years. share peonies more often it is not worth it, since this also reduces the abundance of flowering. This is due to the peculiarity of the structure of the roots. peonies. The roots of old peony bushes that have not been divided for a long time are densely intertwined and interconnected, which prevents the formation of buds from renewal. Such peonies it is very difficult to dig and divide, as the roots are fragile, and even very deep (up to 80 cm). But still dig up and divide the old bushes, even if you have to suffer.

Ideal time to split peonies

Perfect time for dividing and transplanting pionsthis is the second decade of August – September.

How to dig up an adult peony bush? Dig a deep trench around the bush (50-60 cm), stepping back 25 cm from it. Then, carefully, with a stake or other object, loosen the bush until it is completely selected. It is advisable to carry out this work when the soil is slightly damp, the bush should be watered abundantly the day before (or after rain). Shake off the root ball slightly from the ground and leave it on the surface for several hours (2-3), so that the fragile roots are a little grafted (softened) and do not break at the first touch to them. After this time, shorten the stems of the peony bushes, leaving only 10-12 cm of their height. Peony roots again, but more carefully free from the ground, using a wooden stick for this, or rinse them under running water.

Features of the pion fission process

A peeled peony bush is already possible share. Divide a large old bush first in half, and then in half again. To do this, use a wooden peg, sticking it in the center in a place where there are fewer buds, and carefully tear the bush into two parts. Then, with a sharp knife, divide each of the parts into sections. For planting, use the young parts of the rhizome. Cut out all damaged, old and dark parts of the roots. Each division of a peony should have a part of a young root (10-12 cm long) and 2-4 renewal buds. And if you want to have a lush kut in two years, you can leave one or two larger divisions (but keep in mind that then you will have to divide the bush faster).

Landing delenok

It’s time to plant the delenki. We recommend, for the prevention of fungal diseases, before planting, soak the delenki in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, for about 20-30 minutes. Dry the delenki removed from the solution for 10 minutes, and sprinkle the cuts with crushed charcoal or ash.

It is advisable to dig planting pits a week or two before planting delenok. This is done so that the earth mixture has time to settle a little. The size of the pit is a depth of 50-60 cm, a diameter of 50 cm. The distance between the pits is 1 m. At the bottom of the pit, lay a layer of drainage (coarse-grained river sand or fine gravel) with a layer of at least 20 cm. Next, prepare the earth mixture. Ingredients: compost, garden soil, humus, superphosphate (200 g), wood ash (300 g) and lime (100 g per pit). Mix everything thoroughly and lay it in a pit with a layer of 30 cm. Leave the rest of the mixture to fill the pit. And these holes are left for a week or two.

Before planting the pits, water them, place the delenki in them so that the buds that are on the root collar are 3-5 cm underground. Fill the pits with the remaining earth. Excessive deepening often causes non-flowering of bushes, diseases, and sometimes death of plants. Compact the planting well so that there are no voids between the roots.

Until October, while the weather is warm, water the peonies regularly (but do not overdo it) so that the plants have already formed strong roots by winter. Before frost, we recommend mulching young plants with a layer (12-15 cm) of peat or sawdust, this is to protect the roots from freezing. In the spring, as soon as the snow melts, remove the shelter. In the future, it is not necessary to cover peonies for the winter.

Proper planting is the key to bright, abundant and long flowering.

Published: 05.08.2014

How to divide peonies. Transplanting peonies in the fall.

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