10 small plants with striking leaves that are easy to care for

Plants can have showy leaves

There are a number of small plants with showy leaves that can be grown in pots.. Due to their characteristics, they are ideal for decorating any space, such as the patio, the window sill, or the interior of the house; Everything will depend on the needs of each one, the climate in the place where you live, and your preferences.

Which are? If you are curious, let’s introduce them to you. I anticipate that it is likely that you like more than one.

Albuca spiralis

Albuca spiralis is a bulbous crassaAlbuca spiralis is a bulbous crassa

Imagen – Wikimedia/Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz

We start the list with Albuca spiralisa most curious plant since its leaves are spiral shaped. These sprout from a bulb which measures about 5 centimeters in diameter. The total height of the plant is about 30 centimeters, but it exceeds 50 centimeters when it flowers since the flower stem is very long.

It has to be placed in a sunny area, and water little, only the earth is dry. It is a plant that resists drought, but not excess water. In the event that frosts are recorded in the area, it must be kept indoors.

Alocasia amazonica

Alocasia needs light indoors

Alocasia needs light indoors

The Alocasia amazonica It is a perennial rhizomatous plant that grows up to 50-60 centimeters tall. The leaves are more or less triangular, dark green with white veins.. Slow-growing, it can live for many years in a pot (as long as it is planted in a larger one each time it is needed, of course), although it is also interesting to plant it in the garden if the climate is tropical.

Not resisting frost, it is important to protect yourself from the cold. Likewise, it must be in an area with high environmental humidity so that its leaves remain healthy.

Anthurium clarinervium

The anthurium is a shrubby plant.The anthurium is a shrubby plant.

Image – Wikimedia/Nadiatalent

The anthurium usually stands out for its flowers, but the species Anthurium clarinervium it does it mostly for its leaves. Are They are heart-shaped, and are dark green with white veins.. This contrast between green and white is spectacular, making this plant one of the most beautiful on our list.

It must be said of her that it is very little resistant to cold and even less to frost; That is why we do not recommend having it outside the home if the thermometer drops below 0 degrees in your area.

Codiaeus variegated

The croton has colorful leavesThe croton has colorful leaves

Image – Wikimedia Commons/David J. Stang

The croton is an evergreen tropical shrub that reaches a height of approximately 1 meter. It is the largest plant on this list, but we have included it for several reasons: the main one is because of its colorful leaves, but it also supports pruning well.. It is not difficult to take care of as long as it is placed in a place with a lot of light -but not direct sun-.

It is a plant that He has a bad time when temperatures drop below 10ºCTherefore, it is best to keep it indoors if these values ​​are registered in your area.

Begonia rex

The Begonia rex is a herbaceous plant

The Begonia rex is a herbaceous plant

The Begonia rex It is a herb that reaches about 40 centimeters in height. Its attraction is undoubtedly the leaves, which can be green or black and another color, such as red or white.. It is so pretty, that one of the names it receives is painted leaf begonia, or painter’s palette begonia, since it certainly looks like an artist’s work.

It is a plant that must be in a place with great clarity, but it must never be placed in direct sunlight. Also, it is important to keep in mind that it is very, very sensitive to excess water and subzero temperatures.

Fittonia verschaffeltii

Houseplants can stop growing

Houseplants can stop growing

Phytonia is another rather small herb – it only grows about 6-8 centimeters tall. The leaves are small, and can be green with white veins; green with red veins, or white-pink with green veins. It is, therefore, a perfect plant to have in small spaces, such as at the entrance of the house if there is light.

Its growth is slow, and you also have to know that he doesn’t like the cold. In fact, that is why it is mainly grown indoors, although it can also be grown outside during spring and summer.

Haworthiopsis attenuated (formerly Haworthia attenuated)

The Haworthia attenuata is a small plantThe Haworthia attenuata is a small plant

Image – Wikimedia Commons

The Haworthiopsis attenuated it is a succulent or non-cactaceous succulent that grows about 6 centimeters in height. The leaves are fleshy, lanceolate, and dark green with white lines., which is why it is also known as the zebra plant. It produces many suckers throughout its life, which if you want you can separate from the “mother plant” and put in other pots or in the garden.

It supports drought very well, but fears excess water. Therefore, you have to water when the soil is dry, so the roots can have time to “dry out” a bit. Withstands cold and weak frosts (up to -2ºC).

Pelargonium ‘Tricolor’

There are many small plants with showy leaves

There are many small plants with showy leaves

The Pelargonium ‘Tricolor’ or the tricolor geranium is a subshrub plant (or mata, which we say in Spanish popular language) that reaches a height of about 30 centimeters. The leaves are round, with yellow-whitish margins, and with the rest of the blade red and green.. It is a plant of great ornamental value, which does not require much care since it is cared for in the same way as any other geranium, namely: it must be placed in the sun, given moderate watering, and a preventive treatment in spring and summer against the fly. geranium.

If the weather is warm year-round, you’ll be able to keep it outside; otherwise we advise you to put it at home until spring arrives again.

Peperomia caperata ‘Red’

Peperomia rosso is small

Peperomia rosso is small

The Peperomia caperata ‘Rosso’, or simply Peperomia ‘Rosso’, is a very small plant, measuring no more than four inches in height not counting the pot. The leaves are lanceolate, dark green on the upper side and pink on the underside.. For this reason, it is a herb that grows wonderfully in a container -as long as it has holes in the base-.

But it must be taken into account that it is preferable to have it inside the house, in a room where there is a lot of light, since it cannot be grown outdoors if there are frosts.

Strobilanthes dyeriana

The strobilanthes is a plant with showy leavesThe strobilanthes is a plant with showy leaves

Imagen – Wikimedia/Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz

He Strobilanthes dyeriana, is a plant known as the Persian shield or royal purple plant. It grows to about a meter in height, and its leaves are oval, green and whitish and green and lilac in colordepending on the stage of development in which each of these leaves is (the youngest are lilac, but the “oldest” are more whitish-green).

He can’t stand the cold at all; it’s more, It must be kept inside the house if the temperature drops below 15ºC. Likewise, it needs a lot of light but never direct, and moderate watering.

Which of these small plants with striking leaves did you like the most?

10 small plants with striking leaves that are easy to care for

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