How to buy a workbench


Who else and who least knows how to do some odd jobs at home. What we could say a handyman. For them, a workbench can be a great gift because they will have a place to work and be able to indulge in their hobby after a day’s work.

But Do you know what you should pay attention to when buying it? Does it matter if it is with or without wheels, whether it has a surface to work on or just some slats on a table? We are going to help you so that your purchase is the most successful of all.

Top 1. The best workbench


  • It has 2 wooden shelves.
  • Load capacity per shelf 400kg and 250kg.
  • Fixed table style.


  • Too flimsy.
  • Little thick wood.

Selection of workbenches

We are going to give you other workbench options that are also interesting and thus you will have other models with which to weigh the final decision.

Einhell 2210110 Workbench

It is quite small, only 60.5 x 35 x 78.5 centimeters and with a maximum load capacity of 50 kilos.

BLACK+DECKER WM301 Workmate Workbench

Made of steel and bamboo, the divided surface can be used to hold work pieces. It has a good grip strength. In addition, it has non-slip rubber feet and the ability to fold.

Your ability to maximum load is 160 kilos.

Bosch Home and Garden

It is made of metal and has a bamboo work surface that will resist water. Both assembly and disassembly is done in seconds because it has a folding system.

Vertak 7-in-1 All-in-One Folding Workbench

Apart from being a workbench, it can also be used in other different ways. Has a load capacity of 150-250 kilos and you don’t need any tools to install or fold.

Vigor 4894510 Wooden Workbench

It is a workbench made entirely of wood and finished in oil. It has a intermediate shelf and a drawer. Its measurements are 149 x 62 x 86 cm.

Workbench buying guide

Buying a workbench is not easy. There are some that have a surface to work on them, but others this surface is divided by two or more slats. You have different sizes, models, and some are even foldable or have wheels so you can take them where you need them.

Buying one does not mean going to the store, seeing the one you like the most and throwing it in the cart. That the only thing you will get is that your purchase is not successful. On the other hand, perhaps if you look at what we are going to tell you next, things will change, because it will be according to what you may be looking for. For example:


This is a point to take into account, because we are talking about the work surface and at the same time the space that it will occupy.

You see, imagine that you are quite handy and that you like to work at home. You have several projects and you are looking for a large workbench where you can do various things. Will a 50cm one work for you? The most possible is that no. Now, what if it turns out that in the garage where you are going to store it you have no space more than those centimeters? Here you will have to choose either folding and putting it in another place when you work (which is a nuisance because it means that you will have to be removing it and putting it on) or adapt to that space.

The size of a workbench depends on this: the space you have and the use you are going to give it.


As for the material, the truth is that the most common is aluminum (or iron) and wood. This in the case of being professionals. Later you can find other plastic ones but they are the ones that are not used as often.


Another point to keep in mind with workbenches is choosing the right type for you. And it is that in the market you will find several. Specifically, with:

  • Mechanical or electrical benches, which are made up of a work table and a vertical surface on which to hang tools (others have them in drawers). But in general they have top and bottom surface to put everything, apart from the work table.
  • Work benches for architects or draftsmen, where you have a smaller size and in most cases have a lamp or drawing tools. It also allows the table to be raised, folded, etc. to adapt to the way you work.
  • For laboratories, with several surfaces at different heights and drawers to store elements.
  • carpentry, where it is usually a surface divided by several boards leaving gaps to be able to work with the wood.

Besides, you can find benches with or without wheels, folding, with a built-in wardrobe…

Price range

And we come to the price. And here the truth is that you can find many and varied. The fork is wide since you can find from 30 euros (the smallest and cheapest) to exceed 200 euros (the most professional).

Where to buy?

buy workbench

buy workbench

You already have the keys to make your purchase as successful as possible. So the next step you need to take is knowing where to buy it. There are many stores where to do it, but the most searched on the Internet are the ones we are talking about below (and what you find in them).

The Amazon

We started with Amazon because it is surely one of the first ones you think of to buy it (and because the first results appear in the search engine).

On amazon you will have more than 3000 results, but be careful, because some of them are toy banks or products related to banks, but not exactly what you are looking for. Prices are not bad, it will depend a lot on the type you want.

Brico Depot

You will not find much in terms of banks, because it has very few products. Of those who have, yes you will find several types, but only one model, two at most.

In terms of prices, they are similar to those of other stores.


In Bricomart you will have a section with workbenches, and with the models that are available. Not that there are many (certainly not like on Amazon) but the ones that do exist are focused on DIY work.

They have several types available but not many models of each.

Leroy Merlin

As in the other stores, here too, within tools, you will find a workbench subsection where there will be more quantity than in the others.

In addition, they can be divided between fixed, folding and miter saws, as well as height, load capacity, width or even with some extras.


In the case of Lidl you will have very few models to choose from (one, two with some luck), in addition to the fact that it is not a permanent offer in stores, but rather comes at certain times of the year. Unless you find it online in their store.

Yes, its price is somewhat cheaper than the ones you find, but also more general, not as professional as you can see in other models.

Second hand

Finally, you could think of Second hand, that is, buy it from someone else who no longer uses it and who sells it even cheaper. Here you should look at the state of the workbench to see if you can continue to use it yourself or if it is too worn.

Have you already decided on your workbench?

How to buy a workbench

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