Practical guide for a perfect glass pot for your plants

glass planter

If you like plants and you have them both inside and outside the home, Surely you have ever seen a glass planter that has made you fall in love. The truth is that they are the most beautiful, and when combined with plants they can create a surprising result.

But when buying it you have to take into account some important factors, not just the price. How about we give you a guide to buying a glass planter? Well here you have it.

Best glass planters

Best brands of glass planters

As we know that in the market we often find many brands, How about we talk to you about some of the best ways to buy a glass planter?


Prosperplast is a Polish company engaged in the production and sale of a wide variety of plastic products, including pots and planters, garden furniture, storage containers, and other items for the home and garden.

The company has been on the market since 1993, and has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of plastic products in Poland and other European markets. Prosperplast focuses on offering high quality products at affordable prices.and uses resistant and durable materials in its production.

Prosperplast has expanded its product offering in recent years, introducing new product lines such as glass pots, which offer a stylish and modern alternative to traditional plastic pots.


Glasseam was created in 2018. It is a company that is characterized by manufacturing a wide variety of products related to glass, among which are glass planters.

Among its characteristics are the craftsmanship when creating each product as if it were a work of art.


INNA-Glas is a German brand specialized in the manufacture and sale of glass decoration products, such as vases, vases, terrariums and other glass objects. The brand was founded in 1967 and has been a family business for three generations.

The company focuses on quality, innovation and design, and its products are made using traditional craft techniques and state-of-the-art technology. INNA-Glas products are sold in several European countries and the brand is known for its high quality and wide selection of glass products. In addition to glass products, it also sells decoration products such as artificial flowers and other accessories.

Buying guide for a glass planter

When buying a glass planter, not just any is worth it. Actually, you need to know some characteristics that will influence your decision. Which is it? The ones that we discuss below.


Choose a size that fits your needs and the size of the plant you want to place in the glass pot.


There are a wide variety of glass planter designs available, from simple and elegant designs to more elaborate models with decorative details.

As advice, keep in mind the cleaning of this planter, since if it has a complicated design it is possible that you will not be able to clean it correctly and over time limescale and other substances will accumulate.


Be sure to choose a high-quality glass planter that is strong and durable. Check the glass for cracks or blemishes that could weaken the structure.

There are different types of glass on the market, such as borosilicate glass and tempered glass, which offer different levels of resistance and durability.

Care and maintenance

In order for the glass planter to remain in good condition, you need to follow the care and maintenance instructions. For example, some glass planters may be dishwasher safe, while others may require more careful cleaning.


The price of glass planters varies depending on the size, design and quality of the glass.

That is why the price range can be from 5 euros (the smallest pots) to more than 100 euros.

Where to buy?

glass pots

glass pots

Finally, we only have to talk to you about places where you can buy a glass planter. The truth is that there are many places, but The most searched on the Internet are the following:


On Amazon there are many items of glass planters of different sizes and shapes. Not that there are the same number of other products (because there are fewer), but you do have enough to choose from.

Yes indeed, keep in mind that they are really made of glass and not transparent plastic, as this may cause you to overpay for this item. In addition, you should also check the price by comparing it in other stores.


At Ikea we haven’t had much luck looking for glass planters either. since, using its search engine, we have only found one result. However, that does not mean that we cannot find some options in physical stores.

In fact, we can find glass vases (which could serve as a pot). The only thing that would have to be made are the holes if they were like unique pots, although it is normal that they are used to put the pots of the plants inside.

Leroy Merlin

Within the pots and planters section, at Leroy Merlin you will be able to filter only by glass, which will show you a few available items (in fact, we don’t know why we get natural fiber instead of glass).

In the manual search we have not been able to find anything for which Right now at Leroy Merlin we cannot tell you that there is this product, at least online.

Keep in mind that, when buying a glass planter online, you must be careful when you receive the package and if you notice that it is broken, contact the store as soon as possible. They usually have insurance with the transport company and either they will return the money you have paid, or they will send you another glass planter for free so that they can replace the broken one. Do you already know which one you are going to order?

Practical guide for a perfect glass pot for your plants

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