Guide to buy an exterior sliding door for garden

exterior sliding door garden

exterior sliding door garden. Source: Ortiz hardware store

If you have a garden, surely there is an area of ​​your house that communicates with it. Normally that means that you have a door that you have to open and close to get from one room to another. But what if it were an exterior sliding door for the garden?

Find out below everything you need to know about this type of doors, why use them and some recommendations to take into account before buying one. Shall we start?

Top 1. The best exterior sliding gate for garden


  • Made of fir wood.
  • For openings up to 90cm wide and 210 high.
  • Suitable, after treating it, for the exterior.


  • They do not come with handles or a case.
  • It agrees re-treat when received.

Selection of exterior sliding doors for garden

As we know that one is not enough to review and know which is the best of all, here we leave you other examples that can be quite interesting to see. Don’t miss them!

HOMCOM Sliding Door 205×77.5cm

It is a sliding glass door, ideal for homes where more care is taken and the garden is protected (for example by a terrace). The glass is translucent and uses rubber wheels with bearings so that it hardly makes any noise. Rail, handle and mounting hardware included.

Untreated fir sliding door, 95 x 215 cm

This election will be untreated door, made of “virgin” wood to which you will have to apply various products to protect it from inclement weather.

Although it does not need assembly, to treat the door you will have to disassemble it in order to work better and not leave anything untreated (because that way it could deteriorate).

The product will come without handles or sliding door system, which you will have to pay separately.

Vintage Brown Treated Fir Sliding Door

Featuring a cross-shaped design, this self-assembly gate will weigh about 35 kilos. It is suitable for standard sizes up to 90 cm wide and 210 cm highalthough in another part of the product they talk about a slightly wider margin.

White Vintage Treated Fir Sliding Door

White in color and divided into two panels, this door is perfect for openings up to 90 cm and 210 cm high. This Made of sawn fir wood and it must be treated to use it and to be maintained over time.

Vintage Black Treated Fir Sliding Door

Curiously shaped, this exterior sliding garden gate weighs no more than 35 kilos. It requires no assembly and is ideal for openings up to 90 cm wide and 210 cm high. It does not have handles or a case and although the title says that it is treated, in the description it says that it is not.

Buying guide for an exterior sliding garden gate

Having an exterior sliding garden door can give you multiple benefits, one of them being the fact that It will barely take up any space so you don’t have to worry about the angle that opens the door and you can place the furniture and other elements with a little more freedom.

However To buy it, it is not enough to know that it is goodbut you should look at a few aspects that can help you buy intelligently. Do you want to know what they are?


Actually, there are many kinds of materials for outdoor sliding garden doors. The most common are usually aluminum, wood, steel or a mixture of several of them.

They each have their pros and cons, but overall, they’re good materials.


The next aspect to consider is the color that, believe it or not, is very important. In the market you may not find doors of all colors, since it is not usual to sell a yellow, blue or purple one, but you could use paint to paint it.

And why is color important? On the one hand, because you will need this to be combined with the decoration you have in your house and garden. And, on the other, because if it is placed in an area of ​​the house where the sun usually shines, we will be causing it to lose color in a short time (hence the use of paints with protections to avoid it).

In addition, the rain could also affect it if we do not take this into account.

Price range

And we come to the price, where you must take into account that the fork is varied depending on the size of the door (if it is wider and narrower), the material it is made of, the color (or what you have to invest in buying it…

Thus, you can find exterior sliding doors for the garden from 450 euros.

Where to buy?

buy exterior sliding gate for garden

buy exterior sliding door for garden

Once you know what to look for when buying, it is time to think about where you are going to do it. It may be that you choose by proximity, because you want to go to the store to see it. Or you may prefer to shop online. Either way, These are the main stores where an exterior sliding door for garden is most sought after.

The Amazon

We are not going to tell you that it has lots of products, because the reality is that it has less than with other more «normal» categories. But yes, you will have a choice. Much more compared to other stores, at least as far as systems are concerned. As for complete doors, there are very few.

Of course, you must make sure that it will work for you (because of the measurements) and always play it safe (especially since they are not cheap products).


At Bricomart you will not find an exterior sliding door for the garden as such, but categories that have nothing to do with exterior doors.

However, If you are looking only as sliding doors, you will find some basic options. Of course, be careful because many will not be adapted for the outside.

Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin has a special section for sliding doors where you can find them by height, width, number of leaves, etc. But the vast majority of them are indoors, and to find from abroad you have to use in the search engine (and it’s still complicated).

Have you already opted for your exterior sliding door for the garden?

Guide to buy an exterior sliding door for garden

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