How to make an easy brick barbecue step by step

With good weather, you want to spend more time in the garden than inside the house. And also, when you invite friends or family, thinking about a barbecue is something that goes hand in hand. But, if you have tired of the typical ones that fall with a little wind, or that do not pull enough, Why don’t you learn how to make a brick barbecue?

We already tell you that it is not as difficult as it seems, and you will also be able to do it in just a few steps (and in a few days at most). Do you dare this project for your garden?

How to make a brick barbecue

garden with barbecue

Making a brick barbecue implies that you are going to build a brick barbecue, concrete blocks or a similar material. This offers you a series of advantages that you should consider, such as the fact that it will not rust or disassemble (and have to assemble it later). Besides, you can make it to the size you want and it is more consistent than any other.

Now, how to do it? For that we give you the steps below:

Preparation of materials

The first thing, when making a built-in barbecue, is to have the materials ready so as not to have to stop every time we lack something. Therefore, you should have the following on hand:

Bricks, blocks or concrete or similar, which will be the body of your barbecue. The usual thing is to make it of bricks because it is easier to build, but in reality you can use other similar materials.


Concrete (for the base). Or a mixture of the previous one and this one to give it more consistency.

Metal profiles (to be able to hold the grill). They are placed on the pillars so that they do not break or in case the materials are twisted when placing them.

Your safety equipment: that is, gloves, mask, glasses… It is important that you have safety accessories with which to protect yourself. Even being an expert, it never hurts to prevent.

In order to get hold of these materials, you need to know the second pointsince depending on what you have thought of building (a barbecue is not the same as an oven type) you might need more or less materials (and more or less quantity of them).

Choose the location

Aerial view of garden for gathering with friends

You already have everything ready. But where are you going to put it? Examine your garden and find a place that is suitable for a barbecue. This must be in an area where, if a spark or ash jumps, it can cause a fire. It is also not appropriate to put it next to the terrace because, if it’s windy, the smoke can be annoying when you’re there (or worse, get into the house and smell everything).

Once you choose it, measure how you want your barbecue to be and review the materials to find out if you have enough or not.

cast the foundation

The first step to make a built-in barbecue is to lay the base on the ground so that it is ready and clean. AND For this you will need to pour the cement. Make sure it is level and straight. Normally what is done is to add a sufficient layer and the size of a square or rectangle.

build the pillars

The base will take a few hours to dry, so try to be patient so it dries smoothly. And when I do you can mount the pillars of your barbecue that you can do it with bricks or with concrete blocks, as suits you best.

Keep in mind that, in order for them to join, you will have to pour cement on them.

Also, the safest thing (and what we recommend to prevent them from coming out crooked) is that you use molds or pillars to create them as straight as possible). You must build at least four (or two if you have put the barbecue against one of the garden walls).

Another option is to build it completely, as if it were a square or rectangle, but without covering the front side where you will introduce the grills and charcoal.. It’s much faster to do, and easier too. In case you are not too good at DIY.

Consider the height. To begin with, the height of the barbecue counter, which will be where you work, must be between 85 and 95 centimeters high. Although it is best to adapt it to your own body, since you are going to do it in your own way and personalized.

place the grills


Once you have the barbecue with its frame, make sure you leave holes and supports to be able to place the grills. By making it to measure, you can place one or two, as big as you want.

Yes indeed, You have to make sure that you have an area at the bottom to be able to put the coal. Again, if you put two grills, you could fit two charcoal zones.

Another option that you can consider is to put a closed barbecue, oven type. It has the advantage of the fact that the food will be made earlier and you will avoid much more smoke, especially in front of you when you are with her. But it may be more work to assemble it.

place the fireplace

Once you have placed the grills, and you know where everything is going to go, to prevent smoke from going everywhere, the best thing you can do is limit the space where it can exit. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to cover it completely unless you do it like an oven, because you need to have the front free, but you can continue placing bricks facing up, and narrowing so that the smoke, going up, goes that way. The idea is that a tube fits in the upper part to give it heightbut close well with the bricks to hold it.

Examples of built-in barbecues

As we know that sometimes the instructions may not give you an idea of ​​how a built-in barbecue should be made, We wanted to find you some examples of built-in barbecues on video to give you a better idea of ​​how it should be done.

As you will see, it’s not as difficult as it seems, you just have to know what to do at all times so you don’t have a problem.

Do you dare now to make a construction barbecue?

How to make an easy brick barbecue step by step

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