How to buy a round folding table correctly

Do you want to buy a round folding table for your home? Maybe for the garden and thus use it when necessary? It is not a bad idea. The problem is finding the most suitable one based on what you are looking for.

In this article we will try to help you by talking about some brands of round folding tables, the factors to take into account when buying one and where you can buy it. Take a look if you’re interested.

Best folding round tables

Best brands of round folding tables

There are many brands of round folding tables, some more well-known than others, and others more general than specific. We have chosen three of them.


We started with Lifetime, one of the companies that has been around since 1986 making basketball systems and inventing the Quick Adjust. Later he moved from basketball hoops to picnic tables and now specializes in folding tables and chairs, as well as sheds, kayaks, and much more.


The Aktive brand is one of the best known, since it is not only available on Amazon, but you can also find it in Carrefour, Sprinters, Decathlon…

It is a brand highly valued by buyers for offering a good balance with quality products and very competitive prices that adapt to the pockets of buyers.

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Finally, Casaria is a company focused on garden furniture. Not only do you have folding tables, but you have many other items and a large catalog of products that it sells through various companies (both on Amazon and in other Spanish, European and worldwide stores).

Buying guide for a round folding table

Buying a folding round table can be easy. But in reality it is not so much. And it is not because there are factors, beyond price, that are just as important or even more.

The problem is that we base ourselves on a budget without paying attention to the fact that that table that falls within it may be what we are looking for. And sometimes we think that it will adapt, or we will adapt, but in reality, in the end it ends up being another piece of junk in the house.

Do you want that not to happen to you? Then take a look at the factors that you should look at besides the price.

size and capacity

The first thing you have to pay attention to is the size of the table. Depending on how many people you want it to serve, it should be bigger or smaller. But not only that, but also the space you have.

It is true that we are talking about a folding round table, but when it is open there must be enough space so that you can easily move around, not disturb other diners, etc.

In addition, you must also take into account that it is not fair. That is to say, that the diners do not seem stuck to each other, since that will also harm the space to place the dishes and food.


The tables can be made of many types of materials, such as wood, plastic, metal, iron… And yes, they will also be foldable.

In this case, you will have to see the pros and cons of each material to know if it is actually the one you should use or not. AND This also includes the type of decoration you have in the space where you plan to place it (so it doesn’t look like a goop at the moment of truth).


The opinions of other buyers who have purchased that round folding table that you have been interested in can be very important to you. And it is that they may have written to you about important aspects, such as whether it is easy to assemble and fold, if it is flimsy or easily maintained, if it breaks soon…


Finally, the last factor to consider is the price. And this is not something that we can give you a short scale. Depending on the above factors, as well as others such as the brand of the table, special features, etc. The price can vary a lot.

But if you want to have a fork, it will be between 20 and 500 euros or more.

Where to buy?

black folding Source_Amazon

Finally, we want to talk to you about places where you can buy a folding round table. The truth is that you have a lot. But for that reason we have reviewed some of them to help you in your search. This is what you will find on the following sites.


More than 40,000 results. That is what you will find when you search Amazon for a round folding table. Of course, you will have to remove some of those results that do not match what you are looking for (for example, rectangular tables). And others that are fixed and there are not are what you would be looking for.

Even so, of all the stores that we are going to tell you about, it is where you will find the most variety, with very different prices, both downward and upward.

Our recommendation is that once you have the ones you liked, look for them outside to compare if the prices are worth it (on which site) and thus make a smarter purchase.


We cannot tell you that in Carrefour you will find many round folding tables, but at least there will be more than ne other stores. It has several categories, since it has tables for camping, for the garden, furniture itself…

As for prices, from 26 euros you can already find some.


Ikea is not one of the stores where you can get many products of this type, because the truth is that they have few (and most of them have only one model but with different colors).

The only thing that is better is the priceAs long as it suits what you are looking for, of course.

Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin is one of the stores where you will find quite a variety in terms of round folding tables. And it is that it has more than 250 products, of different sizes and focused, either for the garden or for the balcony.

As for prices, they can be found very cheap, since they start at around 30 euros, up to almost 450 euros.

Are you already clear about how to buy a round folding table?

How to buy a round folding table correctly

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