How to decorate a wicker basket with dried flowers

The decoration and the plants always make a good combination. However, sometimes, the fact of having to change the plants because they die, or taking care of them, tires. And that is when we propose other options, such as artificial flowers or dried flowers. These are the ones we are going to focus on, specifically on how to decorate a wicker basket with dried flowers.

Do you want to learn how to do it and make it elegant and sophisticated? So we are going to leave you some ideas that will achieve that. Let’s start!

Dried flowers… why decorate with them?

dried flowers

maybe right now As a plant lover, you take a dim view of dried flowers, or don’t think they are beautiful like to get a wicker basket with dried flowers that looks attractive. But the truth is that it can.

Not only baskets, but also planters, vases and many more elements.

There are many reasons why it could be interesting to use them, and we will talk about it:


When you decorate with flowers, such as bouquets of roses, carnations… you know that these will not last forever. There will come a time when they will wither and you will have to throw them away.

In fact, seeing how day by day they lose the beauty they once had saddens many.

Instead, dried flowers are known to be there forever. Or at least until dust or time makes them crumble and having to change them for others. But that time is much longer than in the natural ones, and we don’t have to think that they will look like those withered ones; they actually look much better.

They allow you to play with creativity

In the sense that you can put them in places where the natural ones couldn’t (unless you want them to die in three days at the most). For example, in the wicker basket, outside…

They are cheaper

It also depends. Some may be cheaper, but there are others that are almost equal to the prices of natural ones, or even worth more. This is due to the demand that there may be for these flowers, the quantity, type of flower…

Of course, what is clear is that, for the time that they will last, you will amortize what you pay for them. It is not the same as with the natural ones. We give you an example:

Imagine that you buy a bouquet of roses and it costs you 32 euros. After two weeks (at most), this one will have to be thrown away.

Now, think that you also buy some dried flowers in a bouquet and it also costs you, to put it, 32 euros. At two weeks, this bouquet will still be fine. And at four. And at six… So it can last you months, or even years if you take good care of it. Which implies that those 32 euros can be amortized in much more and that means that, month after month, you barely spend a few cents (In the first case, divide 32 by 15 days and you will see that you have paid much more for half a month).

How to decorate a wicker basket with dried flowers

necessary things for decoration

Have we convinced you yet? Ok, maybe not, but that’s what ideas are for, to “make your teeth long” and offer you some suggestions to create a beautiful composition between dry flowers and your wicker basket. Take note.

Before decorating, prepare everything

Exactly, you have to have decided, among other things, which is the wicker basket that you are going to use. If it is big or small, the shape, height… All of this will influence the next element: the flowers.

These can be pressed or in the open air, the one you like best (or the one that falls within your budget, of course).

Decorate with wild flowers

Normally, when we think of a wicker basket, one with wild flowers (from movies, series…) comes to mind. So you could choose to choose wild flowers and decorate the basket as if you had picked them. That means that they will be concentrated on the sides of the basket (also from above, as if you had filled it completely).

Decorate with a single flower

A wicker basket with lavender, for example, or with poppies, thyme, or wild flowers will look great. The same as if you put it with roses of various colors (or of a specific color tone).

The goal with this is to focus attention on the color of the flowers, and not so much on the composition. Of course, you must make sure that they fit well so that in fact with the basket it does not look like a “glob”.

Decorate a wicker basket with dried flowers in the form of a waterfall


We propose the following: Imagine a basket tilted forwards (as if you were placing it vertically. Now, place a foam rubber coming out of that basket and downwards (up to the height you want). Fix it well.

Take the flowers that you have decided to put in the wicker basket and start placing them. Of course, to give the impression that the basket is falling and the flowers are falling, you will have to put them in a suitable orientation. That is, instead of nailing the stem from top to bottom, do it the other way around, causing the flower bud, or the flower itself, to fall downward.

Go filling all the foam so that it cannot be seen (you can also use some branches of dry plants, which will give it that “green” touch that they will need).

So you will have a waterfall.

Another option that occurs to us is to put the basket horizontally, fill it with flowers but, on one side, place a little more foam and continue filling it as if it had a blanket (as if the flowers had overflowed and are still growing). This is very good if you choose flowers from a plant such as Oxalis.

Mini baskets with large flowers

We propose this idea to decorate, but it can also be used for a wedding because the girls could wear it as an ornament at the ceremony. It consists of choosing small baskets and large flowers, such as azaleas or a flower whose dried form fits well and looks large. In this way, it will seem to stand out from the basket and, when decorated, it will look like a small “bag”.

The truth is that there are many ideas that you can come up with to decorate a wicker basket with dried flowers. Can you share any that you can think of? Do you dare to decorate like this in your house?

How to decorate a wicker basket with dried flowers

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