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Have you ever seen a flower as curious as this? Its shape is reminiscent of a rooster’s crest, hence its popular name. It is an ideal plant to have in a potand a great option if you want to decorate the patio with not too common species.

But how do you take care of Cockscomb?

What is the cockscomb?

The cockscomb is an herb with curious flowers

La Cockscomb, whose scientific name is Celosia argentea var. crystalis an annual herbaceous plant very sensitive to cold. Its origin is in the tropical regions of South America.

It grows to an approximate height of about 50-60cm, and its flowers appear towards the end of summeras if they wanted to be the first to welcome autumn. Also, they can last up to eight weeks.

How long does the cockscomb plant last?

Our protagonist it is a plant that lives for several months as long as there is no frost. Being tropical, it cannot stand cold at all, but luckily it multiplies well by seeds.

How do you take care of yourself?

The cockscomb is such a curious plant that it is difficult to resist buying a specimen. But its maintenance can sometimes be a bit complicated, since for example we should not overdo the watering or the fertilizer.

So, let’s see how to take care of it:


It can be used, as we said, as a decorative plant in sunny patios or terraces, but also as a houseplant in a room where it receives a lot of light or even as a cut flower.

It can also be planted in the garden exposed directly to the sun; for example, to create multi-colored medium-tall flower beds.


The Cresta de Gallo is a plant that needs regular watering. The ideal is to always keep the substrate or soil slightly damp but avoiding waterloggingsince otherwise its roots could rot and we would end up losing it.

Soil or substrate

Cockscomb is a cheery flowering herb

Cockscomb grows in well-draining soils. As it fears waterlogging, since its roots can quickly suffocate, the soil needs to be light so that it can develop smoothly.

If you are going to grow it in a pot, you can plant it in one with a universal growing medium such as this (yes, make sure it has pearlite), or with coconut fiber.


In order for it to grow well, it is advisable to pay it during spring and summer. If you live in an area where there is never frost, you can continue to pay it until after the summer season, and stop when temperatures drop below 20ºC.

If you have it on the ground, you can add powdered fertilizers such as guano (for sale here!), or manure. In case it is in a pot, it is better to use compost or liquid fertilizers, such as this, following the instructions.

When are cockscomb seeds sown?

It reproduces easily by seeds, towards the end of winter or during the spring. Although if you prefer, you can sow them in winter and keep the seedbed in a greenhouse or in a bright room that has heating.

Thus, when the frosts pass, you will already have some plants. But, yes, important, do not take them outside until the minimum temperature does not rise above 10-15ºC.


As soon as we buy a plant, even if it is in flower, it is advisable to plant it in a slightly larger pot or in the ground. If we have obtained it from seed, we will do it when we measure the roots that appear through the holes in the pot / seedbed, and measure at least ten centimeters in height.

It is done as follows:

Planting in the ground

We will make a hole big enough that it can fit well, and we will fill it with water. If we see that it takes a long time to absorb, we will make it larger (about 50 x 50cm), and we will put a layer of about 10 or 15 centimeters of volcanic gravel or arlite.

Then we apply universal substrate and plant the cockscombensuring that the surface of the root ball or root loaf is about two centimeters, or a little less, below ground level.

In this way, when we irrigate the water it will concentrate on the roots, and it will not be lost.

Planting in a new pot

To change the pot, what we have to do is find him one that is a little wider and deeper than the one he is already usingabout 5 centimeters more in width and height. It is also important that it has holes in its base.

Then it is slightly filled with universal substrate or coconut fiber, and carefully removed from the »old» pot. And later, it is planted in the new one, making sure that it remains in the center. Finally, we will water.


The cockscomb is a plant that suffers damage when the temperature drops below 10ºCand at 0 degrees it dies. Therefore, it is important that you protect yourself from the cold, for example by putting it in the house.

Uses of the cockscomb

Lattice cristata is a small plant

This is a plant that is widely used in gardens, balconies and terraces. But its leaves are also consumed as a vegetable.

You can get seeds by clicking here!.

Did you know this peculiar plant? Without a doubt, it will attract the eyes of all those who visit you.

Cockscomb Care | Gardening On

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