How to decorate the garden for spring

Spring is the most colorful season of the year. The flowers finally open after having spent a few very hard months, the leaves of the trees sprout, offering us a place to protect ourselves from the sun, our star king that little by little is making the temperatures rise. With this so nice weather Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by plants?

Meanwhile, we can find out how to decorate the garden for spring

Bulbous flower plant

Bulbous flowers

This station gives us many things for which we must welcome it as it deserves. What do you think of the idea of ​​planting bulbs that bloom in those months? Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, freesias, Galanthus… there are so many! You can combine those whose height is more or less the same to create colored rugs that, without a doubt, will attract numerous pollinating insects which will help us with the garden.

Figures for the garden


An original way to decorate the garden is by ‘inviting’ some very special tenants: figures that will brighten up even more if possible our private corner, such as the dwarf or insects as nice as the one you can see in the image above. Introduce them between the plants to create a natural landscape, as if they really were “one more”.

Outdoor furniture with a spring touch

Potted flowers

If you like crafts you can take advantage of and paint your conventional plastic pots with fun drawings. Once you have them, plant some flowers in them and put them on your outdoor table.

Continuing with the furniture decoration, Have you thought about putting vases with artificial flowers? These keep longer than the natural ones, so they are a very good option to decorate the garden. But, it is true, the natural ones are very beautiful, so if you want them to last you many days, in this article we will give you some tricks so you can enjoy them this spring.

Do you know other ways to decorate the garden?

How to decorate the garden for spring

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