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Go shopping at a nursery it is one of the funniest experiences that any hobbyist or expert gardener can have. You always discover something new: a plant that you have never seen before, a new variety of the one you recently acquired, the colors that the leaves of some trees acquire as the months go by …

But when it comes to taking out the purse, we have to be patient and not take the first pot that we like, because sometimes it happens that a little more hidden there is another that looks better or that would adapt better to the conditions we have in the house. garden or inside the house. Therefore, we are going to give you a series of tips on how to buy plants so you can enjoy them for years.

Research the weather

Lawn garden

Climate influences plantsso much so that if there are frosts, the plants considered indoor (such as the calatheas, pothos or the dipladenia) could not survive outdoors, and if on the contrary the temperatures are warm all year round, the typical plants of temperate regions (such as the arces, The beech or azaleas) would also have a lot of difficulty getting ahead.

With this in mind, you need to know what the climate is like in your area. Know if there are frosts or not, if hail is common, or if there is a dry season.

Calculate how much space you have

Conifers in garden

I personally love jungle gardens. I like having to remove the leaves or branches to be able to pass and having to look carefully where I pass so as not to step on any plants. But the lush gardens they also have their own design. You cannot put many plants close together because otherwise only the strongest would survive: those that have been able to get more nutrients from the soil.

Thus, It is important that before going to buy the surface that we have is well calculated. Likewise, it is necessary to know what adult size the plants that we plan to acquire are to know if they really fit us.

Choose healthy plants

Ficus tree leaves

In the nurseries they try to take care of the plants to the best of their ability. They must do so in order to later sell them. However, not even the best gardener can prevent someone from getting sick from time to time. Thus, although there are usually few that are wrong, it is convenient take two glances instead of one to that pot that we have chosen.

It does not have to have dry leaves, or have any signs of pest or disease. If you have yellow and / or bitten leaves, little black dots, cobwebs, the stems are soft (in the case of cacti), or if you have anything else that makes us suspect that you are not going through your best moment, the we will leave and choose another.

Take those with the most unopened flowers

Dimorphic flower

Although the plants that have open flowers are the most beautiful, when it comes to taking them to the garden they usually have a bit of a hard time due to the transplant. Producing flowers and keeping them open is a significant energy expenditure. When they are removed from the pot, the plants must spend part of that energy in overcoming the transplant and in producing new roots, which can lead them to lose some flowers.

To try to avoid it, it is highly recommended take those that do not have flower buds yet, or choose to take home those that do have buds but have not yet opened.

With these tips, you can enjoy your new purchases as you always wanted .

How to buy plants | Gardening On

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