Rosa Albéric Barbier: Characteristics and cultivation

Today there are more than 30 thousand different varieties of roses. We can find these beautiful flowers of different sizes and colors, some with thorns and others without. Many of them are hybrids, which means that they have arisen from a cross between two different types. In this way, the number of varieties is growing and each of them has its own traits and characteristics. An example would be the Albéric Barbier rosea beautiful bushy plant with cream-colored flowers.

In this article we will talk about this vegetable and comment what is its origin and cultivation. I hope this information is interesting for you! If you like light pinks, I recommend that you continue reading to get to know Albéric Barbier.

what is the Rosa Alberic Barbier?

The Albéric Barbier rose is cream in color

When we talk about the Albéric Barbier rose, we are referring to a modern garden rose cultivar that is characterized by its climbing habit. It was created a little before the year 1900 in France, by the rosalista named René Barbier. This cultivar is part of the Wichurana Hybrid group. To achieve this variety, the species were crossed Rose of light con Shirley Hibberd.

In its bushy, climbing form, the Albéric Barbier rose is capable of reaching a height of up to 760 centimeters and a width of up to 365 centimeters. It has dense foliage with dark green leaves. It should be noted that this hybrid rose it hardly has thorns, which considerably facilitates its handling.

Regarding the flowers, they are cream in color with a slight yellowish tone in the center. As you get older, they become whiter, acquiring ivory tones. The average diameter of the flowers is almost three inches and they usually have between nine and sixteen petals. Typically, this plant blooms in groups and gives off a moderately sweet fragrance. It should be said that its flowering takes place only once, and it can be both in spring and in summer.

Wichuran hybrid roses

We have previously commented that cultivating the Albéric Barbier rose is part of the Wichurana Hybrid group, or Wichurana hybrid roses. But what is this exactly? Well, it is a group of cultivars, generally made up of modern garden roses. They are all those that have arisen from a cross between the wichuraiana rose, also known as Rose of lightand some hybrid tea.

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Rosa Albéric Barbier: Characteristics and cultivation

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