15 plants with red flowers

Red is a color that instinctively attracts our eyes and attention, and it is for this reason that bright red flowers are always a highlight in any garden or room.

If you like reddish-toned flowers and want to combine them in your garden with others of various colors, or place them in a unique and special place in your home, keep reading because in this article we are going to see 15 names of plants with red flowers and their main characteristics to consider.

Anthurium or red-flowered anthurium plant

The anthurium or Anthurium is a plant also called flower of love is a tropical plant native to Latin America, whose name actually covers a large number of species. Its flowers are fleshy and bright red, which contrasts with its dark green leaves. The stem can reach 50 cm in height, and it is a very popular indoor plant. It needs a stable and warm temperature that never drops below 15ºC and 18ºC, and with proper care it will preserve its flower throughout the year . Avoid direct sunlight from the sun, and keep your substrate and leaves moist, spraying water on them without ever getting waterlogged.

  • Anthurium scherzerianum
  • Anthurium andreanum
  • Anthurium crystallinum
15 Red Flowering Plants - Anthurium or Red Flowering Anthurium Plant


This herbaceous perennial also has its origin in America, from Central America to Peru. It is no more than 35 cm high and its leaves are arranged in a rosette. Its flowers grow between bracts of deep red or orange , which are as showy as the flower itself or even more.

Guzmania is usually used as a houseplant unless you live in very mild climates, and it is a plant that requires a good amount of light to acquire a bright red coloration. It also requires a good amount of humidity, but never waterlogging, and it is weak against frost.

15 plants with red flowers - Guzmania

Vriesea, a plant with red feather-like flowers

The Vriesea , also called the Indian feather , is a genus of striking indoor plants that produce a slender inflorescence whose shape is precisely reminiscent of a bird’s feather. Its flower grows well above the leaves of the plant, thus making it stand out in any garden or space. It is a tropical plant that does not tolerate temperatures below 16ºC, and requires stable climates around 20ºC. It also needs a good supply of sunlight to flourish, and, like many tropical plants, it requires sprays of water to maintain an adequate level of humidity.

15 plants with red flowers - Vriesea, a plant with red flowers like feathers

Japanese quince

Continuing with this list of plants with red flowers , we now stop at a curious Japanese bush.

Scientific name Chaenomeles Japonica , this deciduous shrub can grow up to 2 meters in height. It is a very easy growing plant, undemanding thanks to how rustic and resistant it is.

The Japanese quince can be used to form hedges, and it blooms both in spring and in autumn and winter, making it one of those few plants with the ability to beautify a garden with the vivid colors of its flowers in the cold season.

In the cover image and the one below we can see this shrub with red flowers .

15 Red Flowering Plants - Japanese Quince


This plant native to Central and South America can live for many years as long as it is kept safe from the cold. It is known for its medicinal properties and its brightly colored flowers , which come in a variety of shades, including red.

The verbena with red flowers or other colors is a plant both indoors and outdoors, especially in temperate or tropical climates, and does not require great care. It requires moderate exposure to the sun, and it is very easy to reproduce both by seeds and by cuttings.

15 plants with red flowers - Verbena

Camellia, plants with large red flowers

This genus of plants produces large and spectacular red flowers , although there are also other colors, and they are widely popular for their elegant beauty.

Camellias are native to Asia, and are trees and shrubs that can reach heights of up to 10 meters. Its flowers cover a wide spectrum of colors, red among them. Indoors, they require cool locations away from heaters. They need a lot of natural light, and they appreciate being watered with lukewarm water without lime. If you have to use tap water, it is recommended to add a little vinegar to it.

15 plants with red flowers - Camellia, plants with large red flowers


Also called False hibiscus , this shrub is widely used in gardening to form fences and partitions outdoors. It is native to South America, and reaches heights of up to 3 meters. It produces red or white flowers , with petals that do not open, which is why in English it is called sleeping hibiscus . It blooms for much of the year, and the most important thing when planting it is keeping it out of the wind. It is highly resistant to low temperatures, withstanding frosts down to almost -10ºC.

15 Red Flowering Plants - Marshmallow

Flamboyan, a tree with red flowers

Also known as the Flame Tree ( Delonix regia ) is one of the most popular tropical trees in gardening. Its success is due to its striking red and large flowers , although there is also a variety that gives them yellow or orange. It blooms in spring, from the tree’s five years of age, and care must be taken when choosing a location to plant it, as its roots are very invasive. It is useful as an ornamental plant and because it keeps the soil around it clear of other plants. It reaches heights of up to 8 meters and requires direct solar incidence.

15 plants with red flowers - Flamboyan, a tree with red flowers

Red carnations

Carnations are one of the best known flowers in the world and they come in various colors. From light colors such as white, yellow and pink, to more intense ones such as red carnations . In addition, there are some species of carnations that have more than one color in their flowers, such as the carnation .

15 Red Flowering Plants - Red Carnations

Poppy plant with red flowers

The red poppies are some of the best known worldwide wild plants. They are very appreciated to cover large areas of land or garden and for their medicinal properties.

In addition, the most common poppies are red, but there are also pink, orange, yellow, white, and so on.

15 Red Flowering Plants - Red Flowering Poppy Plant

Hibiscus or Chinese rose

The hibiscus or hibiscus is one of the most resistant plants to direct sun.

The hibiscus can have red , pink, white, orange, yellow flowers, etc. and they are all large and showy. It can become quite large and needs a lot of sun, so it is recommended to have it outdoors in a sunny and shady area, so that the contact with the sun is not excessive and damages it.

15 plants with red flowers

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