Lavender seed planting guide

Lavender is a plant that is talked about wonders. And it resists drought and high temperatures, repels insects such as mosquitoes, is very easy to care for … What more could you ask for? Have one in the garden? For that we advise you to get an envelope of lavender seeds so that you not only have one, but a few more for a very low price (usually worth 1 euro).

If you want to know how to sow lavender seeds step by step, don’t miss this article and you will get to have a beautiful garden.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Key features
  • 2 How to sow lavender seeds
  • 3 How to sow lavender seeds step by step
  • 4 Care
  • 5 Uses

Key features

grown lavender

Belonging to the Laminaceae family and is evergreen. It is known by other names such as lavender, lavender and lavender. It has a similar appearance to that of a bush and can be developed in different environments.Lavender plant in bloom

Lavender is used for many purposes, although one of them is aromatic. It is a plant that has its natural habitat in relatively dry fields and hills with a location in full sun. It has a branched plant shape that does not grow more than a meter in height and whose beauty is the leaves and flowers. The flowers develop and acquire a perfect spherical shape to make floral decorations. It is made up of 5 whorls and they are apparently very close, although the interiors are more distant.

As for its flowers, they are of the lipped type and are of a smaller size. What stands out the most about this plant is the mild pungent smell and it has. The scent of lavender is one of the most pleasant of all decorative plants. Its stems are square in shape and have very short hairs.

How to sow lavender seeds

lavender seeds for sowing

To sow your lavender seeds you need the following:

  • Hotbed: It can be a seedling tray, a flowerpot, yogurt or milk containers, … or anything you have on hand that is waterproof and that can have some holes in its base through which the water that is left over will come out. irrigation.
  • Substratum: With this it does not make much complication: with universal cultivation substrate that they sell in any nursery or garden store, future seedlings will have more than enough.
  • Watering can with water: essential to moisten the substrate.
  • Seeds: they cannot be absent. Put them in a glass of water and keep them there for 24 hours before sowing them, so you will know which ones are sure to germinate (those that sink) and which ones will not.
  • Let it be spring: the seeds will germinate better in that season.

How to sow lavender seeds step by step

lavender seeds

Now that you have everything, it is time to plant them. How? As follows:

  1. The first thing you have to do is fill the seedbed with substrate, up to the top, and water.
  2. Afterwards, you must spread the seeds on the surface of the substrate, ensuring that they are a little separated from each other.
    It is important that you do not put many in the same seedbed, since otherwise when they germinate they could fight one another, and in the end some would end up dying. To give you an idea of ​​how many can fit in the seedbed, you should know that in a 10,5cm pot it is not recommended to put more than three; if it is smaller they get less, and if it is bigger they get more.
  3. Then cover them with a thin layer of substrate and water again, this time with a sprayer.
  4. Finally, you will only have to write the name of the plant and the sowing date on a label.

Thus, keeping the seedbed outdoors, in full sun or semi-shade, and watered, the first seeds will germinate after a week.


Once we have sown the lavender seeds, it is important to know well the care it prefers to be able to keep it in good condition and enjoy its aroma and flowering. When it has grown it has the shape of a bush and scrub with a globose growth. It contains a greenish-gray foliage and the center is all found the flowers with a few spikes. The flowers usually have a very beautiful blue color that helps to make good color combinations in the garden. Not only is it used as an ornamental plant, but it has a great variety of uses as we will see later.

More and more people want to have lavender in their garden and it is necessary to know well all its care in order to have it as long as possible. It is a plant that requires a location in full sun. If you want it to grow in good condition you must get many hours of sunshine a day. We must also choose a sunny place that is warm and little affected by gusts of wind.

It is advisable to sow lavender seeds in a more stony and somewhat rocky place. In addition, it must be a dry land since they are the spaces where this plant can be preserved the most. If when the plant has developed it has already reached maturity you want it to continue growing and staying constant, it is convenient to prune. It not only serves to keep it healthy, but also to shape the bush as we want. If the objective for which you have planted this plant in the garden is merely decorative, the reforms that can be given to the shrub remain in the imagination.Lavender plant in the field


As we have mentioned before, it is not only of ornamental interest, but also has other types of uses. These uses lie in its properties. And it is that although lavender does not have medicinal properties like many other plants, it does have great aromatic potential. Many people notice these plants for their attractive scent. Lavender flowers and stems can be used to make numerous perfumes and gels of all kinds. Most of these cereals and perfumes have a great aroma that is easily intoxicating.

As you can see, sowing lavender seeds can be a good idea to decorate your garden and have an attractive aroma. I hope that with this information you can learn more about how to sow lavender seeds.

Lavender seed planting guide

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