Do you like to sow? And, do you love being aware and being able to observe the whole process? If so, one of the sowing methods with which you will surely enjoy a lot is sowing the seeds on absorbent papereither kitchen or bathroom.

It is very easy to do, since you can also control the humidity thus preventing fungi from making their appearance. But, How to germinate seeds on paper?

What do I need to germinate seeds on paper?

To sow your seeds what you need is the following:

How do you prepare?

Once you have it all you just have to moisten the absorbent paper -preventing it from leaking-, place it in the plastic tray and then put the seeds on the surface of said paper. You can cover them with paper, but there are many people who leave them as is; What I do recommend you do is spray them with a little water from time to time to prevent them from drying out and put them in a bright corner but without direct sun.

Will any seed work?

It depends a lot on the weather and the season in which we are. Each species has its own needs, that is why, for example, the seeds of japanese maple they have to stratify in the fridge if we are in the Mediterranean region, since in this area it is not as cold as they need to be able to germinate. But If we want to experiment with planting on paper we can try a great variety of plantssuch as these:

  • Horticultural plants: cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuces, chickpeas,… all.
  • Flower plants: pansies, geraniums, carnations, petunias, … all.
  • trees and native shrubs
  • Palms: date, Canarian, Cuban palm,… all.
  • Succulent: cacti, succulents and caudiciform plants.
  • Carnivores: all.

Enjoy the sowing .