Characteristics, cultivation and care of Abelia

The Abelia it’s a garden shrubprovided with an abundant and beautiful flowering, of this there is a great variety of species and according to experts there are more than 70. The shrub is ideal for small gardens, as it will give it a lot of showiness, too adapts very well to areas adjacent to the […]

How to reproduce rosemary

Rosemary is a Mediterranean plant widely used to decorate gardens, patios and balconies, as well as to flavor different dishes. Its cultivation and maintenance is very simple, I would even say that it is one of those that can be taken care of practically alone if they are in the ground. And the only thing […]

Beaucarnea, a great plant for dry gardens

Beaucarnea stricta The beaucarnea It is a very drought resistant plant that can be grown in a wide variety of climates, and even indoors. As it has a fairly slow growth rate, it is one of those plant beings with which it is very easy to enjoy a very original and elegant corner. But what […]

How to germinate seeds on paper?

Do you like to sow? And, do you love being aware and being able to observe the whole process? If so, one of the sowing methods with which you will surely enjoy a lot is sowing the seeds on absorbent papereither kitchen or bathroom. It is very easy to do, since you can also control […]

Metrosideros, a beautiful tree to shade your garden

The metersideros It is one of those trees that produce such a quantity of flowers that it becomes quite a spectacle. In addition, it is fast growing, and provides so much shade that it turns out to be an ideal plant for large gardens. As if that were not enough, and despite its large size, […]

Selection of fast-growing shade trees

Robusta grevillea Looking for fast growing shade trees? If so, surely you want to have a very special corner, right? A place where your family, your friends and yourself can take the opportunity to disconnect from the daily routine in a quiet area. Well then. Here you have a selection of species with the characteristics […]

Characteristics, cultivation and care of Abutilon

Also known as Japanese lanternAbutilon is native to countries with a tropical climate such as Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. It is a shrub whose flowers are very colorful and of varied tones, being the Abutilon ideal for gardens, open porches, to cover a wall or for decoration. Abutilon cultivation To plant it, try to […]

Characteristics and care of Cyclamen persicum

Today we are going to talk about one of the most popular plants in Europe for its winter flowering. It has great beauty, rusticity and many possibilities for ornamental use. It is the Cyclamen persicum. It belongs to the Primulaceae family and is native to the areas of Persia, the Middle East and Greece, hence […]

How do we have to prune the Lantana?

Lantana is one of the varieties of garden plants that flourishes the most in the Mediterranean and that also does so for a long period of time. This is a plant that belongs to the Verbenaceae family and it is known by the scientific name of Lantana CameraHowever, it is also popularly known by a […]

What is a hybrid palm tree?

Phoenix rupicola x Phoenix roebeleniiImage – Davesgarden-com Hybrids are the result of a cross between two or more plants that belong to at least the same botanical subfamily. This means that they are two or more plant beings that have very similar genetic characteristics, but also have others that are of interest to the hobbyist […]

Pyracantha coccinea, a very showy shrub

The Pyracantha coccinea It is an evergreen shrub that produces highly decorative flowers and fruits. In fact, it is so interesting that it can be grown both in a pot and in the garden, as it tolerates pruning very well. In addition, it adapts to a wide variety of climates, from hot to colder, so […]

Types of aromatic herbs to grow in water

Image – Have you run out of available space to put more plants? Do you prefer to multiply the ones you have in a simpler way? Regardless of what your case is, there are a number of aromatic herbs that can be grown in water easily. You probably already have many of them, so […]

Algarrobo: characteristics, cultivation and maintenance

Today we are going to talk about a tree whose fruit is well known and commercialized. It’s about the carob. Its scientific name is Ceratonia siliqua and it is an evergreen tree. A derivative of chocolate called carob is extracted from carob beans and is used to make sweets and chocolates for diabetics. Do you […]

Taraxacum officinale: What it is for, properties and meaning

The Taraxacum officinale belongs to the Cichoriaceae (Compositae) family, although it is commonly known as Dandelion for its leaves, whose elongated and serrated shape reminds of the teeth of this great cat. Taraxacum officinale has various other names Such as fluff, almirón, meacamas, amargón, bitter chicory, taraxacón, moraja, chipule, cerraja, buttercup and lechuguilla. Properties of […]

Forsythia, a shrub with beautiful and fragrant flowers

Forsythia is a perfect shrub to have in gardens and in pots. It is one of the first plants to flower, which it does wonderfully. It produces so many flowers that its branches are practically hidden behind its petals. And the best part is that it makes it almost effortless. It does not require much […]

Elderberry care and properties

Its botanical name is Black Beauty L, belonging to the Caprifoliaceae family, which includes shrubs, trees or lianas. Elderberry it is also known by other common names like the sabuco, sabugo, sayugo, linsusa, canillero and cañilero. We can say that this is a tree native to Europe and that it was introduced by the Spanish […]

How to multiply the cherry tree by seeds?

The cherry tree is a tree that is widely cultivated in temperate climate gardens, not only for the fruits it produces, which are delicious, but also for its high ornamental value. Both its flowers and its leaves are really very decorative, which is why many people want to have a copy. But how can that […]

Characteristics, nutritional information and types of hazelnut

Hazelnut is the fruit of the hazelnut and has been considered for many years as the dried fruit traditionally consumed at Christmas holidays in Spain. However, in recent years, it has been gaining popularity becoming a dried fruit that is consumed throughout the year. There are numerous types and varieties of hazelnut. Do you want […]

Healing plants and their properties

It is called healing and medicinal plant to all those that, due to their characteristics and / or properties, work to treat diseases. Of the healing plants it is possible to use their parts in various ways, depending on the type of condition to be treated; Likewise, it is possible to use them in a […]

Why doesn’t my palm tree grow

Hyophorbe verschafeltii Palm trees are generally characterized by having a visible growth rate, that is, the height they gain from one year to the next is easily noticed. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are fast; in fact, with few exceptions, the centimeters that will add up will not be more than thirty. […]

Information about Statice

Statice is a plant that is known by the scientific name of sinuous lemon and it belongs to the plumbaginaceae family, which comes from almost the entire Mediterranean Region, not only European but also African. The Statice it is a long-lasting herbaceous plantwhich very rarely has a bush shape and depending on its variety, its […]

How are they classified and what types of palm trees are there?

Palm trees are plants that beautify gardens and patios in a spectacular way. Of the more than 3000 species that are distributed throughout the world, especially in tropical and temperate regions, there are many – if not many – that have a very high ornamental value. Therefore, if you want to know more about them, […]

Origin and characteristics of the coconut tree

The coconut tree It is a species of palm in the Arecaceae familyhaving as characteristics that they are monotypic and its only species is known under the name of Cocos Nucifera. These plants they can grow up to 30 m tall and its fruit is the coconut, being also the emblematic tree of the Zulia […]

Quesnelia, an ideal bromeliad to decorate

Although all bromeliads are very ornamental plants, there are some that, despite having the very common green color, “make a garden / home”; that is, they look great in those corners that have become a bit serious or even abandoned. One of them is the quesnelia. This is a very pretty plant, reaching a size […]

How is the sowing of the blueberry?

The blueberry is a beautiful evergreen shrub whose fruits, round in shape and bluish or red in color depending on the variety, have been consumed for a long time to prevent and treat many of the diseases that we can have throughout our lives such as: diabetes , cardiovascular problems, colds and urinary tract diseases. […]

10 yellow trees in autumn to enjoy the garden

During autumn, many trees change color: some turn reddish, others orange and others, which will be the ones we are going to see, yellow. Yellow is a color that draws a lot of attention to humans, not in vain, it is the color of the Sun, the star that gives light and the one that, […]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of transgenic plants?

That transgenic plants are the order of the day is a fact. More and more of us inhabit this planet and, consequently, the demand for food grows more and more. Unless a fertilizer is invented that is capable of accelerating the growth rate of plants as much as possible, also increasing their productivity so that […]

Why doesn’t my tree change color

When we acquire a deciduous tree that we know must change the color of its leaves at some time of the year (usually in autumn, but it can also be in spring and / or summer), we look forward to it; indeed, we become convinced that it will. So, we are very disappointed when it […]

Hibakujumoku, the trees that survived the Hiroshima atomic bomb

Plants are great survivors. They have been evolving for more than 240 million years, and it is certain that they will continue to do so many, many more. Some of them are capable of surprising us, but there are others that seem to defy nature itself, such as hibakujumoku. This buzzword probably won’t tell you […]

8 interesting indoor plants for their leaves

Where do your eyes go to plants that have unique and very special leaves when you go to a nursery? The truth is that too. Although he tells me and repeats to me a thousand times that I have no more room, that it is not the time to spend money,… in short, that you […]

Wisteria, a climbing plant for your garden

Lately it’s just getting my attention climbing plants to be able to place them in our garden or on our terrace, so this time we will talk about the Wisteria or Wisteria sinensis. The use of Glycine to create floral corridors or galleries, as can be found in many of the gardens found in Florence, […]

Characteristics, care and properties of Quinoa

Quinoa or quinoa as it is also known, is one of the most popular foods that exist especially for those of us who carry a vegetarian or vegan food and although quinoa is not part of the family of the most typical grains, such as oats, barley or wheat, we can also consider it as […]

Jara from Cartagena

Endemic plants are those that are unique to where they are born. That is, you will only be able to find it in that part of the world and not in another. For example, in the world of animals, the Iberian lynx is endemic to Spain, so you will only find it in Spain. Today […]

Tips for planting large trees

Planting a tree is one of the most important tasks we have to do in the garden. Since with this, we can not only add shade to our patio but also greenery in a vertical way and at the same time It leaves us space at the base so that we can place other types […]

How to increase humidity for indoor plants

The plants that we label as “indoor” are plants that come from places where the climate is tropical humid, that is, they not only enjoy more or less stable warm temperatures, but also tend to rain fairly regularly. Therefore, adapting to living inside a home is a significant challenge for them, as they often have […]

What is a nut and how is it grown?

There are many plants that do not protect their seeds too much. We might think that by doing so they are having much less chance that their “offspring” can germinate, but we would be wrong since nuts can remain dormant until the rains return much better than fleshy fruitsespecially if they are surrounded by a […]

Jasminum officinale, the most fragrant climber

The Jasmine officinale she is a much loved climber. Its flowers are very small, barely 2cm in diameter, but they are so beautiful and emit such a pleasant aroma that it is a pleasure to approach them. In addition, its cultivation is so simple that it will not matter if it is in a pot […]

How to keep plants green and healthy

In the nurseries and garden stores, as well as in the local markets, they offer us plants that are completely healthy, of a beautiful green color. It is true that they have to do it this way to be able to sell them, although it is also true that if we took home one that […]

Camellia from Japan care and cultivation

The Camellia from Japan It is a plant known in the Asian region for the beauty it has to decorate pots and home gardens. In addition to the beauty that characterizes Camellia, the care it needs to grow healthy and have a good flowering, there are not many, rather requires a lot of patience, affection […]

Where to plant a yew tree?

Yew is a conifer that has very beautiful needles (leaves). Its crown is leafy, ideal for creating protective screens or hedges, as well as as an isolated specimen. However, many doubts may arise about what its location should be: sun or semi-shade? Can it be near the pool? To find out where to plant a […]

How to plant a bush

Shrubs are those plants that serve us for many things in a garden: creating hedges, having a more colorful and joyful paradise, attracting beneficial insects such as bees or butterflies, and of course also to fill in those gaps that have been left empty. But for that you have to know when and how to […]

Origin, characteristics and care of the Maranta Tricolor

The Maranta Tricolor is a plant that is believed to be there are about 25 speciesa plant that belongs to the genus of the Marantácea family, this being a group of plants that owe their name to the Italian Bartolomé Maranta, a botanist from Venosa. Origin of the Maranta Tricolor These renowned varieties of plants […]

Characteristics, origin and care of Salvia Splendens

Plants are used for many things, since it has different uses, many have medicinal properties while others only serve for decorations in gardens, generally people tend to have plants in their homes that are colorful and showy to the human eye. The same are planted in pots or gardensdepending on the home where you are, […]

Cornel. Uses and when to plant

Dogwood is a shrub native to Europe and Asia It can grow up to six meters in height, its peculiarity is that its trunk can acquire a reddish color in certain seasons of the year and that it is very flowered, so its use is totally ornamental. This bush is the center of attention this […]

Selection of balcony trees

Acer palmatum cv Little Princess.Image – Would you like to have a tree but you don’t have land? Do not worry! There are many that you can grow in a pot from your balcony. If you want to know which ones, in this special you will be able to find out, not only the […]

Strawberry cultivation and care

The Fragariacommonly called strawberry or strawberry, it has been used as part of food since prehistoric times and over the years the crop went from being wild to large controlled crops and garden. Strawberry certainly requires very specific care to achieve a good harvest and some time and effort has to be invested For this, […]

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