Can you sleep with plants?

Who has not ever heard that sleeping with plants is bad? This is a very common comment, that since it was discovered how plants breathed and how they did photosynthesis.

To understand, let’s see what both behaviors consist of.



Photosynthesis takes place only during the day. Consists in absorb carbon dioxide from the air and expel oxygen. Thus, they convert raw sap into processed sap, which contains carbohydrates and sugars that they need to grow and develop normally.


However, breathing is carried out 24 hours a day, just like animals. In this process they absorb oxygen and expel carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. They do this through the pores, which are mainly found in the leaves, but also through the roots, stems, branches. During the night, as they do not have sunlight, they only do the breathing process.


Now, is it dangerous to have plants in the bedroom? The answer is no. It is true that plants absorb oxygen, but plant metabolism is much lower than oursbecause the chemical processes that take place inside are, in comparison, much less than in our case as they are simpler organisms. Consequently, they need much less oxygen to stay alive.

What you do have to take into account is that, just as you should not sleep with many people in a small space, you should not have a jungle in the bedroom either Well, it could be risky. But if you want to have some plants to give your room a different color and view, you can put them in without problems.

As you can see, you should not worry about having your oxygen taken away. What’s more, I especially recommend that you try the following: Sanseviera, Aspidistra, or even ferns. All you have to do is leave the window open during the day so that the air can be renewed. Otherwise, you’ll see how nothing will happen.

Can you sleep with plants?

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