With an extraordinary inflorescence, the shrub I’m going to tell you about now has proven to be a excellent candidate to have in low maintenance gardens. Its ornamental appeal not only resides in its curious flowers, but also in its leaves, which can be green or variegated (two colors: green and yellow).

The haveor veronica, is one of those plants that settles for very little to always look beautiful.

hebe 'Wayreka'

Although most of the specimens that we find for sale are hybrids, their origin is mainly in New Zealand. It is an evergreen shrub that reaches a height of approximately half a meter, with a width of 50-60cm. We can use it to delimit paths together with other plants of the same size, or to have a pot decorating the balcony or patio.

Its flowering season can vary according to climate. As usual we can enjoy its flowers during the summer and fallbut it may be the case that it begins to flower in spring if the temperatures are high.

Bee in hebe

It is not a demanding plant, but we must bear in mind that it is sensitive to frost and especially to waterlogging. Therefore, if your winter is cold with temperatures below -2º, it will be convenient to keep it indoors or protect it with a thermal blanket in order to avoid damage. It is recommended to add a little perlite or any other similar material to the planting substrate so that the water drains quickly and completely.

Hebe is such an exceptional plant … That even the bees do not hesitate to perch on their flowers to drink! All the more reason to have one or more and thus increase the fauna of your garden or orchard.

Do you dare to have a hebe in your favorite green corner?