On many occasions, it has happened to me that I am eating an apple and suddenly I realize that it has a little worm in there. This can be the most common and frequent, at the same time the worst that can happen to you, especially if you took that apple from your own apple tree, since surely it is not the only apple that has worms, but on the contrary, it could be a plague which has affected most of the fruits.

This type of worms, called drills or augers, which are the larva of a small butterfly, which lays its eggs on the leaves of apple treesThey feed on the fruit and live within it. It is for this reason that we can find some apples that are eaten inside and full of excrement of these worms and their larvae.

In the apple, the larvae they can remain for more or less four weeks, once that time is up they leave the fruit and hang down to the ground by a silk thread. Later, they go to a pupal stage, where they will remain throughout the winter. It is there where they carry out their metamorphosis process until a small butterfly comes out of the cocoon during the spring and the same process occurs again.

In order for you to control this pest, you must use insecticides, although you can also use a ecological remedy, which consists of gradually eliminating the rotten apples, giving them to livestock or burning them, to avoid in this way that the plague becomes bigger and bigger and invades your entire apple tree.