Ideas to decorate the garden with succulents

Aloe arborescens

Our succulents They are very rustic and ornamental plants that can be used to have in low maintenance gardens (or xerogardens). There are many shapes and colors, but they all have one common characteristic: they store water in their leaves and / or stems. Furthermore, the vast majority do not have spines; The few species they do have are not as sharp as cacti, but are easily bent.

By forming groups of several specimens or combined with other types of plants, they can dress your garden in a spectacular.

the garden

And, They are very customizable! Of course, they must not lack light. They are not plants that live well in shade, but they can be adapted to places where they have direct light for half a day, and some shade for the other half of the day. Irrigation, as a general rule, should be weekly in summer and biweekly the rest of the year. This may vary depending on the weather we have.

Most resist mild frosts, down to -2º or -4º. But there are species, such as the Sempervivum, and various Agave and Aloe, that can resist something else the cold without too much trouble.


The genera of succulents that more are used for gardens they are:

  • echeveria
  • Sedum
  • Euphorbia
  • gastronomy
  • Aloe
  • Agave
  • Kalanchoe

Each of them is made up of great variety of species That can be combined with the others, taking for example in the rockery, or together with other cacti and / or plants.

Succulents help a lot to finish decorating the gardenbecause sometimes it happens that, when we have everything planted, there is an empty hole. This is when these plants can decorate that area. In addition, they can also be had in pots, planters, as indoor plants or even some species can be used for vertical gardens. What more could you want?

Ideas to decorate the garden with succulents

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