How can we plant a bare root rose bush?

This is the best time for nurseries and garden centerssince they are full of fresh plants and that have had the possibility of being extracted from farmland. The vast majority have roots that are completely free of soil and at the same time are wrapped in wood chips that are wet in hermetic plastic containers.

plant a bare root rose bush

The first thing we have to do is buy a good quality plant. The rose bushes are generally classified according to what are the standards established by the nursery and garden association.

Therefore, a grade 1 rose is the one we consider to be the best quality and the one that will give us a great show in the summer season. On the other hand, roses that are grade 1 ½ and 2 are often cheaper and usually do not grow very vigorously during the first year, so if we want to have the most ideal results, we have to spend a little more. money and get grade 1 roses.

Important, the grade of the roses will be found on the packaging.

We have to soak the roots at least one night before that we can plant them, so for that we remove the rose from the packaging and place the roots in a bucket with water. We leave them to soak for at least a whole night and if we cannot plant it immediately, we will have to keep the wrapper around the roots moist.

Then we have to choose a sunny place to plant it, since roses are plants that need a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight so that in this way they can develop. If they get less sun, they generally produce fewer flowers and are prone to disease.

Then we have to check soil pHso we are going to have to dig a hole that is deep and wide enough so that we can accommodate the roots of the plant. To know the pH levels in the soil, it is best to consult a specialist.

choose grade 1 rose bushes

We mix the soil that we have extracted from the hole with the same amount of organic matter. We place this mixture at the bottom of the hole forming a moundWe examine the rose, we can damage the roots or those that are dead, we distribute the roots of the rose on top of the mound and we verify that they have been well planted.

We fill the hole with soil and build a irrigation basin around the plantlay we have to water enough. We add a lot of compost and place the mulch in a pile that is tall enough to cover the stems several inches above the root junction.

When we observe that the plant begins to develop leaves, we remove the mulch from the stemwe put fertilizer and voila, we have already planted our rose bush.

How can we plant a bare root rose bush?

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