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Rooting jasmine cuttings

Jasmine is a long-lasting fairly hardy plant and with a delicious aroma that can grow quite fast.

This is a kind of floral vine that needs a support that is vertical for its growth to be indicated, since it usually does not cause inconveniences and it is very simple to take care ofapart from the fact that we can sow it in the garden or in a pot.

How to get jasmine cuttings to root?

How to get jasmine cuttings to root

Taking this information into account, in this article we can learn how to sow a jasmine by cuttings, so take note.

The first thing we have to do is take a cutting that has a measurement of between 13 and 15 cm, of a plant that is mature in the spring or just start summer.

We have to choose a shoot that has a mature stemthat most of it is green, with a few shades of light brown and we cut it with the help of sharp scissors above the node. We have to do this first thing in the morning when the plant is more humid.

Now we have to remove the leaves from the cutting. For that we use scissors to remove large leavesbut we have to leave the ones that are small and fresh, which are the ones that grow at the top.

Then we dip the end of the stem in a solution called rooting hormone and we shake to remove what is left over. No matter the cutting we take or the conditions in which the plant is going to grow, the rooting hormone will give our plant a greater boost in this process and although this step is very helpful, it is not very necessary.

If we have been lucky enough to sow other plants without having to use the rooting hormone or if the cutting we have comes from a fairly hardy jasminemost likely the roots are born without using the hormone. We have to make sure that the soil remains humid, as well as that the temperature has the right conditions so that our cutting has a better opportunity to grow.

If we haven’t had a chance to grow a plant through a cutting or if we have problems to do it, it is important that we use the rooting hormone.

After we fill small glasses or plastic trays especially to sow with a little soil mixture, for this, the container does not have to be more than 10 cm deep, since we have to use a soil mixture composed of soil and organic matter, such as the peat.

We choose a mixture that has pearlite included in it so that the earth has a increased drainage.

Then we go to sow the cutting about 5 cm deep in our pot or where we are going to plant the flower, for that we have to make a hole with our finger or using the end of a pencil and before we can plant our cuttings to avoid excessive pressure force. Then we pack the soil around the stem so that it can stay firmly in place.

jasmine roots ready to sow

We moisten the earth a little by sprinkling some water. For this task we have to use a spray bottlesince a hand-held watering can will cause the soil to have excess moisture. Avoid puddles of water.

We have to keep the cutting in a place that is under sufficient shade, so that the sunlight it receives is partial and at the same time indirect while its growth progresses. Direct sunlight will cause the soil to dry out quite fast, therefore the plant will not grow properly.

When will the jasmine roots be ready for sowing?

After a couple of weeks have passed, we will have to give our cutting a slight tug. If the plant resists, it means that roots have grown and it is ready to be planted in a permanent site. If after two months the cutting has no roots, we have to remove it and start over.

Jasmine cuttings | Gardening On

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