Fruits and vegetables no longer taste like they used to. Intensive cultivation is causing the true taste of food to be lost; although fortunately, we can enjoy them again if we cultivate them ourselves. How? Very easy. Sowing the seeds in our patio or terrace. And the best thing is that we will not have to go far to look for these seeds. It will be enough to buy one more fruit.

By the way, would you like to have your own tomatoes? Plant your slices, and see what happens in just 10 days.

Sprouted tomatoes

sprouted tomatoes

Tomato plants are horticultural plants that they grow very fast, and they also bear fruit in great quantity. To this must be added that practically all the seeds that are sown all germinate. Who has not ever cut a tomato and seen one that had already started to germinate? They are one of the most interesting plants to start in gardening, regardless of how long we have been in the world of gardening.

In order to eat a delicious tomato salad, the first thing we have to do is choose the variety we want to plant. It is highly recommended to choose an RAF tomato, since it has more flavor, but any will do. Later, we will cut it into slices, and we will plant it in a pot with universal substrate or compostcovering them with a little substrate. In a matter of two-three weeks, our plants will be like this:


Image – Bob Neiderlander

It will be less to harvest our tomatoes! But, yes, we must place the pot in a place where direct sun hits it, and water frequently. When our plants are 6-10cm tall, it is time to plant them in individual pots. Don’t you know how to do it? Do not worry. We tell you:

  • Remove all the plants from the potwithout touching the root ball, and taking care that they do not break.
  • Now, with a spoon or with the same hands, go separating the plants in such a way that each one has its own root ball of roots. If some break, nothing happens.
  • Then, you will only have to plant them in their pots – large, at least 40cm in diameter – with universal substrate or compost, and water them.

You no longer have an excuse for not having your own tomato plants . Dare to cultivate them.