How to sow pumpkins in pots? It is very easy

plant pumpkin in pots

plant pumpkin in pots

To start your pumpkin plantation what is necessary will be a good space and some seeds, since this is a vegetable which is really easy to grow and despite the fact that there are different types of pumpkins such as striped, green, orange, rounded, among others, all carry the same cultivation process.

The most important thing is that the place where the planting will take place receive good sun and that during the summer season they are watered. Usually planting is done in the spring seasonIn case there is any frost or cold, the planting can be delayed and by the fall season you will have your pumpkins ready for consumption or the fun Halloween celebration.

Step by step to grow pumpkins

Steps to Growing Pumpkins

steps to grow pumpkins

Something that you must keep in mind is that the soil where they are planted must maintain humidity but also must have a drain so that excess water drains outsince the roots of this plant should not be in contact with water throughout the day.

First: choose the seeds

You need to choose good quality seeds. With this you will save time, since the harvest will be faster, so if you choose this option you must plant them in a place where it is always protected and after this and during the frosts you must transplant themThis when they are a little overgrown.

The ideal time to transplant them is when the seedlings already have one or two leaves.

Second: decide when to plant it

Generally, farmers prepare for planting so that the pumpkins are ready before Halloween. However, the ideal is discover the perfect season for cultivation depending on the area where you live.

If you live in a place where the winter is longer and the summer is not so pleasant, they should be planted earlier than in a place where the summer has a longer time. This plant tends to grow faster in warmer climates.

In the case of long winters and less pleasant summer, the ideal would be that you plant when you already think that there is no possibility of a snowfall. In the case of long and hot summers, you should do it at the beginning of the summer.

Now if you want to grow at homesow the seeds in a container and keep it constantly watered, also make sure that it has good reception of the sun.

Third: prepare the ground for planting

This plant grows on powerful vines which usually they need six to nine meters of open space so that they can be extended. And as already mentioned above, the place where it is planted needs good drainage, it is also necessary to make sure that there are no weeds around.

What is indicated is that two or three seeds are planted for each holemost of them will get the way to develop, in case you place more seeds and they all manage to be germinated, they may not have enough space to grow and develop properly.

different types of pumpkins

different types of pumpkins

You should leave at least a few meters of distance between each hole, since they grow horizontally and to finish make sure to water the soil well.

If you live in a place where the wind currents are strong it is necessary that the hole has a depth of approximately three centimetersin this way it will be protected. In case it is a very rainy summer place, the ideal is that you sow the seed in piles of land, with three centimeters of depth also.

Fourth: irrigation

It is important that you constantly water the soil, the pumpkin needs to be constantly in contact with water. However, you should be vigilant as too much water could cause the water to rot.

Fifth: fertilization

For the plant to have a better development you can try to put some organic compounds, this will help its growth.

Sixth: harvest

Their harvest usually lasts four months, when they are orange and have a very hard shell, it will be time to remove them from their roots.

How to sow pumpkins in pots? It is very easy

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