How to grow bergenia? Growing bergenia from seeds and division


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Badana flowers

Body – a plant that can decorate the garden throughout the year. He has wonderful leaveswhich do not die off for the winter, but take on a reddish hue.

Having planted them together with ferns or against the background of low shrubs, the garden acquires some kind of mystery. Badan is very attractive on alpine slides, along the banks of reservoirs, in rocky gardens, as a border plant.

Body – perennial herbaceous plant. It can be attributed to long-lived plants; without a transplant in one place, it can grow for more than 10 years.

plant height – 40 cm. It has thick rhizomes that are located very close to the surface. Leaves basal, thick, shiny, dark green and red-green.

Badana flowers collected in inflorescences. inflorescences racemoselocated at the top of the stems. inflorescences composed of many small flowers-bells.

flower coloring white, pink or lilac, very expressive against the background of dark green foliage. Badan blossoms in the month of May for 20-25 days. But even after flowering badan does not lose its decorative effect. The plant grows, forming a dense carpet of leaves up to 20 cm high.

Where to plant and how to care for bergenia

Badany: planting, care. badan practically undemanding in care. grows well in the sun and in the shade, but still prefers light partial shade. Low-lying areas where water stagnates, as well as places with a close occurrence of groundwater, are not suitable for growing bergenia. Needs light, moderately hydrated and fertile soils.

In a few weeks before landing badana, dig up the soil, bring fertilizer (per sq. m. 5 kg of humus, 5 kg of peat, and nitrophoska 2 tablespoons). Then carefully plant everything into the soil.

Just before boarding water the soil well. Badan planting can be done spring

or at the beginning of autumn. Before flowering, you can add complex mineral fertilizer for flowering plants.

In the care of badan is very important monitor soil moistureto prevent stagnation of moisture and drying of the soil.

How does badan reproduce? Body breeds division of rhizomes and seeds. Propagate by division rhizomes of bergenia can be in the spring, at the beginning of the growing season or at the end of summer – the beginning of autumn (at this time the plant is at rest). To do this, dig out the mother plant, and split it so that each division has its own kidney.

Plant Delenki in the garden in a new place. Observe the distance between plantings of 20-30 cm. transplant badans be careful not to damage the roots.

seed propagation style=”font-weight: 400″> badana spend the winter. Sow seeds in open ground in the beginning of November. Such winter stratification of seeds contributes to a more friendly emergence of seedlings.

In the first year after sowing, the plants develop rather slowly, forming a rosette with 4-5 leaves. Young Senets in the first year of growth, you need to shade, water and regularly remove weeds from the garden, which prevent the growth of young seedlings.

Early September or next spring seedlings dive. In the first year, for the winter, young plants should be mulched with dry humus or peat, with a layer of 5-8 cm. Plants grown from seeds, bloom only 3-4 years after sowing.

Diseases and pests of bergenia.

Badany rarely get sick and damaged by pests. However, infections still occur. fungal diseasesin case of non-compliance with the rules of cultivation.

High soil and air humidity, first reason the appearance of spotting, caused by the fungus Ramulariasis. Leaves covered with brown, rounded spots, which later become brown-gray with a reddish border. A white coating is visible from below on the sheet, which indicates the presence of fungus spores. With severe infection, the leaf dries completely. The spores of the fungus are transmitted with infected planting material, and remain alive in the winter.

By identifying this diseasesick cut the leaves and burn. Bushes process copper-containing preparation, Bordeaux liquid or foundationol. For preventive purposes, you can spray the bushes during the period of active growth.

So that the plants do not get sick, follow the rules of agricultural technology – do not overmoisten the soil, during watering, try not to wet the leaves and flowers.

Badany in landscape design. Today, badan is very actively used in the design of the garden and recreation area. Having shown imagination, you can create unique flower beds and flower beds with this plant.

Look very cute bergenia combined with ferns, green grasses, as well as next to various small shrubs. This is an interesting plant for borders, as well as for the perimeter of the flower bed.

On the bank of an artificial reservoir, pond or river, they look very lively and unusual. Suitable for creating beauty on an alpine hill. Can be very interesting to combine badan and stones, especially large ones.

Badans are loved not only for flowers, many varieties have a very unusual and decorative leaves. They are usually very large, leathery, green in summer, but change color in autumn, they immediately catch the eye. fit to create green compositions.

And here is the variety Baby Doll never changes the color of the leaves, it is used by designers to create a green corridor. Even in autumn, your path will look spectacular and remind you of summer. It is possible to use the variety for this purpose. Morgenrote and also silver light.

There are many highly decorative varieties. that will make your garden unique and simply magical!

Badany in landscape design:

Bergenia varieties

Bergenia variety Rosie Klose loved for a very long flowering. Varieties evening bellsas well as bergenia Andrea, Morgenrote and Pink Dragonfly bloom again in late summer.

Eden’s Magic Giant will delight you with its size, it is a high grade that will immediately attract attention. And here is the variety Angel Kiss very compact and well suited for small flower beds.

Badans are very popular in our gardens Bergenia cordifoliaits leaves are very similar to the heart.

Himalayan bergenia and Pamir badan also very often can be found in the flower beds in the park. Bressingham Ruby fell in love with very bright and incredibly beautiful crimson flowers.

Many varieties look very impressive with conifers, especially compact junipers, ground covers, and dwarfs. You are sure to be able to perfectly fit this plant into the design of your garden.

Bergenia flower photo

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How to grow bergenia? Growing bergenia from seeds and division

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