Properties and uses of black earth

black earth for the orchard or garden

The black earth has played an important role when it comes to wanting to grow or sow plants, either to use them as decoration inside the home or in the garden or also to implement them as part of our daily diet. In order for our plants to have a healthy growth, it needs a soil rich in nutrients and that is where the black soil has its role.

Before knowing the properties and uses of black earthwe must first know what is it? We can say that it is the one that has a dark black color, that results from the decomposition of organic mattereither produced by remains of dry leaves that fall from trees or from animal remains, which the soil absorbs as nutrients and can be found from wooded areas to in our own garden.

Properties and uses of black earth

properties and uses of black earth

properties and uses of black earth

In areas that are used for large crops and usually, the land is moved in heavy trucks, but for our garden, the more organic matter decomposes in the soil, the earth will receive enough and better nutrients so that an excellent result is obtained in the growth of the plant.

When we talk about properties of black earthwe can mention that it contains organic matter that has decomposed into very small particles, which improve its texture by giving it the ability to hold enough water and that also provides good circulation between the roots of the plant, which is essential for their growth.

As plant matter is broken down by microbes into usable parts, black earth becomes abundant in nutrients and is that some bacteria are capable of absorbing nitrogen from the air and deposit it in the soil, remaining available for the plants that are in it.

Thus, black earth has a high level of fertilitybeing the ideal option to give our plants nutrients, if we compare it with other soils, such as reddish soils, which tend to be sterile due to their lack of moisture and other necessary compounds, therefore they are not suitable for planting. since we could call them dead soils because they are not fertile at all.

uses of black earth

black earth uses

As the main function, black earth adds richness to the soil texturedecomposing the surfaces of other soils that contain clay and which in turn allows water drainage, providing the ability to add water retention properties in soils with a lot of sand. The parts of organic matter generate air pockets in the soil that increase air circulation that is essential for the formation of roots. This way, the best conditions are obtained for the survival of beneficial insects and wormswhich also help air flow, making the floor not compact.

The main use for black earth is to be part of the fertilizer that we provide to the plants so that they can have better growth and also can be used as a filler for the gardenbut fundamentally it is used to sow grass, trees or plants for gardens, increasing the amount of nutrients and improving the texture of the soil and above all helping root growthsince the microorganisms that the black earth contains improves the health of the plants and makes them become more resistant to many of the diseases, viruses and pests that may be capable of causing them some damage.

In this way, when choosing to use the nagra land, either in a garden or in an orchard, we can increase crop productionreducing the time invested in caring for the plants. But it is also advisable to accompany it with the use of compost to be able to take full advantage of the properties that it offers us.

Properties and uses of black earth

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