The most beautiful trees of the World Bonsai Convention 2017

Bonsai exhibition

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Bonsai have the “ability” to leave us with our mouths open. They are small trees that, worked with great respect and care, make us remember how beautiful nature is.

Some 300 small but large man-made works can be seen at the World Bonsai Conventionwhich is celebrated in Saitama (Japan), the birthplace of geisha and Japanese cherry trees. There, you enjoy seeing things like this …

Jasmine Bonsai

Jasmine bonsai in sohin styleJasmine bonsai in shohin style

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This is a jasmine worked as Bonsai that has been given the style Shohin, which in Japanese means “something small”, referring to the size they must be. While there are no hard and fast rules, Shohin is considered when the height is less than 25cm or it can be held in the air with one hand.

Pine Bonsai

Japanese White Pine BonsaiJapanese white pine bonsai

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This is an amazing Japanese white pine bonsai, whose scientific name is Pinus parviflorawhat has a semi-waterfall stylethat is, the lower branches are below the edge of the container, but do not reach the height of the base. To be able to see it in all its splendor, it is located on a high table, dark brown, which is a color that does not attract particularly attention.

The plant that you see in a corner is known as an accent plant, whose purpose is to accompany the Bonsai. Together, aim to create a natural landscape.

Pine BonsaiPine Bonsai

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And this is another, to which they have given it a Chokkan stylethat is, a more or less straight trunk, with the crown divided into different “floors”.

Trident Maple Bonsai

Trident Maple BonsaiTrident Maple Bonsai

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Nice Bonsai, right? Maple trees are trees that work very well, since they heal wounds without problems and sprout that is pleasant after pruning.. The trident maple, whose scientific name is Acer buergerianumIt is also incredibly spectacular, especially in autumn, when its leaves turn reddish.

Azalea bonsai

Amazing Azalea bonsai in bloomAmazing Azalea bonsai in bloom

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This Bonsai is to take off your hat. If you liked everyone you’ve seen so far, what do you think of this one? This is undoubtedly excellent work. For a plant to produce such many flowers, it must receive the care it needs, no more and no less. This means that everything, the irrigation, subscriber, pruning, the wiring and the transplant it has to be controlled. In addition, patience is essential; without it, no Bonsai can be made.

If you have been wanting more, we leave you with the 8th video World Bonsai Convention:

The most beautiful trees of the World Bonsai Convention 2017

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