Garden Seesaw: The Best On The Market And Buying Guide

The garden swing is becoming more and more fashionable

It is becoming more and more fashionable to have a well-kept garden or terrace with relaxation areas to enjoy alone or in company. Therefore, it is not surprising that the trend of buying bench-type swings has been increasing in recent years. This type of swing is known as a garden seesaw. and due to its popularity we are going to talk about dedicating this article to it.

If you are looking for the ideal piece of furniture to rest and enjoy your outdoor area, do not hesitate to buy a garden swing. They are pretty, comfortable, and relaxing. In short: An ideal accessory! In order to help you with the choice, we are going to talk about the best garden rods and how to buy them.

? The best seesaw for garden?

The position for best garden seesaw goes to this Outsunny model due to the good evaluations of the buyers. It has non-slip feet and a built-in awning, which is also reclining. So we can adjust it according to our needs and the position of the sun. As for the capacity, it has a total of three seats, that is, three people can swing on it simultaneously. The maximum weight that this swing can support is 200 kilos and its dimensions correspond to 170 x 110 x 153 centimeters (length x width x height).


With this garden seesaw we can enjoy our outdoor space comfortably, both alone and accompanied by up to two other people. What’s more, has non-slip feet so that it stays in place while we are using it. The awning also offers us a great advantage: Protection against the sun.


In total we can count nothing more than two cons regarding this garden seesaw. First is the design. It is likely that not everyone likes stripes or that it does not look good depending on what spaces. Then there is the price. Despite its value for money is good, there are other cheaper rocker arms on the market.

Selection of the best seesaws for garden

If you have not been convinced by our top one, nothing happens. There are many more models apart from this garden seesaw. We have selected the best six and we are going to comment on them below.

KG KITGARDEN – 3-seater Garden Swing Chair

To start the list we have this KG Kitgarden model. It is a garden swing whose tubes are made of resistant steel, making it the structure is very stable and resistant. As for the awning, it is made of water-repellent polyester. Plus, it can be adjusted to suit how the sun is setting. The capacity of this swing is three people and includes a cushion for comfort. Regarding the dimensions, these are 110 x 175 x 153 centimeters.

Outsunny Metal Garden Swing with Parasol

Second we have this Outsunny model. Its design is elegant with decorative borders on both the seat and the ceiling. The latter is made of water-resistant and dirt-repellent polyester. In addition, it can be regulated to protect from the sun at different times of the day. Regarding the structure, it is made of steel that has an anti-corrosive and anti-oxidant coating. The legs have non-slip rubber feet, thus offering greater stability. In terms of capacity, this garden seesaw has a spacious seat for up to three people. The padded cushion is included and is made of cotton. In total, this swing measures 172 centimeters long, 110 centimeters wide and 152 centimeters high. The maximum load weight corresponds to 200 kilos.

Outsunny Garden Rocking Swing 2 Seater with Roof

This Outsunny model is also included in our list of the best rockers for garden. It has two seats and backrests padded with a high-density sponge. In addition, it is covered in polyester with a high resistance. The tubes are made of robust steel and are powder coated. This garden seesaw also has two removable roofs to protect from the sun and are repellent to water and dirt. Another extra that this model offers are its beverage trays that are located on both sides. Each seat can be individually balanced and they have a maximum load capacity of 110 kilos. The overall dimensions are 170 x 136 x 170 centimeters (length x width x height).

Outsunny Garden Rocking Swing 3 Seater Convertible into Bed with Full Mosquito Net

We continue with this garden seesaw, also from Outsunny. Its backrest is reclining and can be converted into a bed or hammock. The frame is made of powder-coated steel, making it thick, robust and very stable. As for the cover, it is made of polyester resistant to water and dirt and easy to clean. It should also be noted that it has an integrated mosquito net. The capacity of this garden swing is for up to three people and its maximum load corresponds to 300 kilos. Both the seat and back cushions are filled with cotton. Also, this model has a pocket on one side of the armrest. The overall dimensions of this product are 240 x 140 x 197 centimeters (length x width x height).

Outsunny Garden Rocking Swing 3 Seater with Roof

Another model to highlight is this swing from Outsunny. It is a three-seater garden swing whose cushions are filled with cotton. The frame is made of thick and robust steel, while the cover is made of water and dirt resistant polyester fabric. In addition, the feet have a non-slip plastic base. It should also be noted that this model Includes two collapsible beverage trays on both sides. In total, this swing measures 120,5 centimeters long, 207 centimeters wide and 174 centimeters high. The maximum load weight corresponds to 360 kilos.

Finally, we can highlight this three-seater Outsunny model. Its most distinctive feature is that the structure is made of spruce wood specially treated for outdoor use. The cushion covers and the canopy are made of breathable and water-resistant Oxford cloth. As for the awning, it is reclining so we can protect ourselves from the sun whatever time it is. The maximum load weight is 300 kilos and the total measurements of this garden seesaw correspond to 205 x 130 x 185 centimeters (length x width x height).

Buying guide for a garden seesaw

Before buying a garden seesaw it is advisable to take a number of aspects into account. We will comment on them below.

Size and capacity

One of the things that we must look at before purchasing one of these fashionable swings is the size of the product. For this it is recommended measure the space we have available for the garden seesaw, taking into account that, as it is a swing, there must be some space in front and behind. Another aspect to take into account is the capacity that we want it to have. How many people do we want to be able to sit down? A? Two? Three? We must also decide this in relation to the space we have available.


Without a doubt, the material is very important when choosing a garden swing. Habitually, the structure is usually made of steel to be strong and stable. Ideally, it should also have coatings to prevent corrosion and oxidation. Another optimal extra is that the feet of the legs are non-slip, since the swing can move when it is in use. As for the roof, it must be made of a weather-resistant material, such as polyester.

Price range

Last but not least we have the price. Obviously, we shouldn’t spend more than we can afford. But that is not a problem. There are currently many models of garden seesaws on the market and the price range is quite wide. Typically, the bigger it is and the more extras it has, the more expensive the seesaw will be. However, the small and basic ones are usually affordable.

Where to place the garden seesaw?

There are many different models of garden seesaws

There are many different models of garden swings

We can really place the garden seesaw wherever we please. However, it is advisable to keep it in a minimally open place so as not to sit facing the wall. What’s more, we must leave some space in the front and in the back, so that it does not collide with anything when swinging. Depending on the size and space we have available, the seesaws can be placed not only in gardens, but also on terraces and balconies.

Where to buy

Today, the possibilities we have to buy products are immense. If we want to buy a garden swing we can do it online or in physical establishments like the Ikea, the Leroy Merlin and the English Cut. We will discuss some of these examples below.

The Amazon

Amazon, the great online sales platform, today offers endless gardening products and more. Among them there is also a wide range of garden rocking chairs. Deliveries are usually quite fast and they have a strict buyer protection policy.

Leroy Merlin

Also certain physical establishments, such as the Leroy Merlin, have a wide range of garden seesaws. The great advantage of going to a store of these is that we can test the rocker arms to see how comfortable they are and how they rock.

After having discussed the best models on the market and how to buy them, I hope you have a clearer idea of ​​what to take into account when choosing a garden swing. Even if you already know which one to buy, so much the better!

Garden Seesaw: The Best On The Market And Buying Guide

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