How to care for a potted fig tree

The fig tree is a tree that can be kept in a pot

The fig tree is a very popular plant in orchards, since it is very productive and also does not require any special care. For this reason, it is normal to wonder if it is possible to grow it in a pot, since if so, it could be very interesting to have it in a patio, terrace or even on the balcony.

And the truth is that although it is not the most suitable plant to always have in a container, it is not difficult either. So If you want to know how to care for a potted fig tree, take note of our tips.

Where should a potted fig tree be placed?

The fig tree is a fast-growing fruit tree

The fig tree is a fast-growing fruit tree.

Our protagonist is a tree native to Asia that has become naturalized in the Mediterranean region. It loves the sun and the heat, although it needs the temperatures to drop during the winter so that it can rest for a few months. Therefore, It should be placed outside and in a place where it is exposed to direct sunlightideally throughout the day.

If there are usually heat waves in your area, don’t worry: it will resist them without problems. In fact, withstands these extreme temperatures: up to 41ºC maximum and up to -12ºC minimum. But yes, it is important that they are short-lived.

What kind of soil does a potted fig tree need?

The substrate or soil with which we will fill the pot must be lightOtherwise, there will not be good air circulation and, consequently, the roots could suffocate. And that’s not to mention that we would need to pour a lot of water to get it completely wet, and then it would take a long time to dry.

Therefore, we recommend using mark lands as Flower, Fertiberia, Westland, weednessthe Boom Nutrients. Now, which one to buy exactly? Well, there is no need to complicate yourself with this: the fig tree will benefit from the universal. That is, it is not necessary that we put a specific one for green plants or urban garden for example.

Which pot to choose?

As you probably know, there are pots made of plastic, clay, ceramic,… they can even be used as such. tires and gardening buckets (rubber) for example. But when you want to have a fig tree in a pot, you have to take into account that it has very strong roots. Although we will control its growth by pruning branches, it is important to choose a container of the best possible quality and that has holes in its base.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a fortune: nowadays they make plastic outdoor pots that last for years and are also quite cheapAs this for example.

However in no case do we have to plant it in a container without drainage holes. This would only shorten his life, since the risk of him dying from excess water would be very, very high.

How to water the potted fig tree?

The fig tree can be kept in a pot

The fig tree can be kept in a pot

Irrigation is something we have to do if we see dry land. The fig tree resists drought very well; in fact, if we had it on the ground we would only water it from time to time. But since our intention is to grow it in a pot, It will be necessary to be a little more vigilant, especially during the summer, and even more so if we plant it in a plastic one.since this is a material that absorbs much more heat than mud, and therefore helps the earth to dry faster.

so usually We recommend watering about 2 times a week in summer, more or less every 3 days; and once a week the rest of the year. Every time it is watered, water will be poured until it comes out through the drainage holes of the pot. In this way, we will ensure that the plant will rehydrate properly.

Does it have to be paid?

Yes of course. We have said that it has strong roots, but if it runs out of nutrients it will be very difficult for it to bear fruit. And the interesting thing about fig tree they are precisely its fruits; so we will fertilize it, but using a slow release fertiliser.. In other words, we don’t have to use fast-acting fertilizers or fertilizers, because if we do, it will be as if we had given it an adrenaline injection; that is to say: it will have more energy than we are interested in, it will grow somewhat faster, and it will produce many leaves in a short period of time.

For this reason, I insist: we will use slow-release manures or fertilizers, such as this of Cultivars.

If we follow the instructions for use, which we will find on the back of the package, we will have a beautiful fig tree.

How do you prune a potted fig tree?

Pruning is the most important thing to do if we always want to have a potted fig tree, since it will be thanks to this that we will be able to grow it in a container. But how do you do it? The first thing is to remove the branches that are broken and brittle, and then follow these steps:

  1. We will move away a little from the fig tree, to be able to see it well.
  2. Now, we will identify the longest branches, and we will proceed to cut them in such a way that we are left with a more or less rounded and compact crown.
  3. Then, we will see which are those branches that intersect, and we will also cut them. Thus, all the branches will receive the same amount of light (approximately), something that will contribute to their good growth and health.
  4. Finally, we will seal the wounds with healing paste, such as this of the Battle brand.

And by the way pruning will be done at the end of winterbefore the leaves sprout.

What happens if it does not give figs?

Figs ripen in summer

Figs ripen in summer

It may be the case that it does not give figs, but if it receives the care that we have mentioned, it is most likely that you will not see yourself in this situation. Anyway, I did not want to finish the article without first talking about the reasons why it can stop producing them while in a pot:

  • Nitrogen excess: Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for plants; in fact, it is a macronutrient that stimulates growth. However, when the fig tree suffers an excess, it only produces leaves, because nitrogen does not intervene in the production of flowers or fruits, but this is done by phosphorus and potassium.
  • Lack of space: it is very important that it is planted in a pot that is bigger and bigger every so often, otherwise it will not be able to bear fruit.
  • Drastic pruning: if many branches are removed at one time, the fig tree will weaken and it may happen that it does not bear figs. I always say that pruning well done is one that is not noticeable, because it is done respecting the plant. It is true that the fig tree is strong, but we must not take it to the limit of its resistance. It would not be good, because we could be left without figs and even without a tree if the pruning is too drastic.
  • Is young: it may be that your plant does not bear figs because it is still very young. Keep in mind that, if it is from seed, it can take about 10 years to produce them; and if it is from cuttings, about 3-4 years.
  • need pollination: if you have a fig tree whose variety is from the Esmirna group, you should know that it only produces female flowers, so it does not produce figs, unless it is pollinated with another fig tree. Some of these groups are:
    • Belmandil
    • crash
    • hemri
    • Magouli
    • Temry
    • Don’t eat
    • tax
    • exceed

varieties of fig treesvarieties of fig trees

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Have a lot of fun having your fig tree in a pot!

How to care for a potted fig tree

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