How to buy an outdoor sofa

How to buy an outdoor sofa

When spring arrives, and the days get longer, what you want as soon as you get home after work is to disconnect. And for this, many use the terrace, garden, balcony… to sit on an outdoor sofa and relax.

But Don’t you have an outdoor sofa yet? Then perhaps you will be interested in knowing the best on the market and what you have to take into account to buy one. We’ll give you a hand with that.

Top 1. The best outdoor sofa


  • Made of rattan.
  • Resistant to inclement weather.


  • It can be found cheaper.
  • Broken pieces.

Selection of outdoor sofas

Discover a selection of outdoor sofas that may also interest you.

Strandgut Poly Rattan 2 Seater Bench

It is a outdoor two-seater sofa made of polyrattan, Resistant to both sun and rain. The central part of the sofa serves as a division, in such a way that aesthetically it gives the sensation of being two joined armchairs.

EBS Poly Rattan Furniture Set for Garden Terrace Patio

It is a set of four pieces, composed of a chair, two armchairs and an outdoor sofa. They are made of poly rattan and the table top is glass.

Keter – Chicago Lounge 4 Seater Garden Set with Cushions

You will have a table, a two-seater outdoor armchair and two armchairs. The material of the furniture is rattan with imitation wood on top.

Keter Set Corfu Lounge Garden Set

In this case you will not only have a sofa, but also two garden armchairs and a tea table. It is perfect for outdoors made with rattan and an ergonomic design.

Chicreat – Three-seater convertible sofa with side tables in acacia

Made of acacia and aluminium, it is a three-seater outdoor sofa with the possibility of having tables. It is UV resistant and easy to assemble. Thicker padding may be required for comfort.

Outdoor sofa buying guide

Are you looking to buy an outdoor sofa that will last you a long time? Maybe one where you don’t have to get up every so often because your back hurts from sitting? So you have to apply a series of filters when going to stores.

When you want an outdoor sofa, there is some keys that can help you rule out many models. Specifically, you have:


As with indoor sofas, you can also find outdoor sofas in many sizes. The usual thing, and where you will find more variety, are the two-seater outdoor sofas, but there can also be three, triplets, etc.

Here you should be governed above all by the space you have available. Y do not buy a sofa that is too big, even if it fits you if you do not want the place to look too ornate. It is better to leave room for other items.


One of the most common questions, and also one of the biggest mistakes, is the material that the outdoor sofa is made of. When you want it to be durable, to hold up well and to be elegant, it is best to opt for materials such as:

  • Wood. It is robust and looks very beautiful and natural. It withstands both humidity and temperature changes well. The only thing that is losing color as the sun falls on it.
  • Natural fiber. They are characterized by being light and very decorative. You can find them made of wicker, bamboo, rattan… The only drawback? They are difficult to clean and dust sticks to them like a magnet.
  • Metal. We could say that these are the most solid, but they have the problem that the rain can damage them and also, in summer or winter it will be difficult to sit on them (or they will burn, or they will be frozen).
  • Synthetic fiber. It is another option to use that also lasts a long time and is cheaper than natural fibers and looks more beautiful. However, there will be water and humidity stains if they do not dry quickly and the sun removes their shine.
  • Plastic. It is not usual to see a plastic outdoor sofa, but there are. They are cheap, easy to maintain and lightweight. But in exchange, their brightness is lost in the sun and they also get very hot (to the point of not being able to use them in summer as the sun shines on them).

Price range

In terms of prices, it is the most disparate that you can find because the same you have sofas for less than 100 euros than others that exceed 800 euros.

What does it depend on? Basically the structure of the sofa, the materials with which it is made and how “simple” it is. That is to say, a sofa that is only the iron structure and some fabrics as a seat and back is always going to be cheaper than a sofa that resembles an indoor one but to have it away from home (also comfort).

Where to buy?

outdoor sofas

outdoor sofas

Don’t know where to buy an outdoor sofa? Actually, there are many places to do it, and now that you know what are the most important keys to make your purchase a success, you will have no problem discarding those that do not meet those needs and also last a long time.

Here we leave you some stores where you can look.

The Amazon

Amazon, due to the fact that it accommodates external sellers, has a more or less extensive catalog (really like sofas themselves, there are not many) to choose from, although you have to filter very well for outdoor sofas as well as for covers and accessories who also go out in that search.

In terms of prices, it is not bad since there is a fairly wide range.


In this case, it happens the same as with Amazon. By having an open catalog to offer the products of external vendors, they have expanded quite a bit, although In their physical stores you will not find all the models they have online.


Ikea also has plenty of outdoor sofas to choose from and you can do it at affordable prices (you can find for less than 100 euros).

It has sofas made of different materials (hence the price range) and colours.

Leroy Merlin

Two-seater, three, made of different materials. The truth is that in Leroy Merlin has a variety of outdoor sofas and prices are not too high.

Have you already chosen your outdoor sofa?

How to buy an outdoor sofa

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