How to choose a garden dining room

A garden dining room has to be decorative, as well as functional

Enjoying a meal in the garden is one of the most beautiful experiences that can be had in that outdoor space. And the best thing is that sharing those moments with your family and / or friends, surrounded by plants, is something that can be done very easily if you choose the right furniture, such as those of Maisons du Monde garden dining room.

But What must be taken into account so that everything is as we wish? The choice of furniture goes far beyond the shape or size they have: the color or the material with which they are made are two details that we must also pay attention to.

How to choose furniture for a garden dining room?

The furniture in a garden dining room must be of quality

The furniture of a garden dining room must be of quality

For our choice to be as successful as possible, the most important thing to do is take a general look, first at the area where the furniture will be, and second also at the garden. Why? Because this way you will have an idea of ​​which are the colors of the dining room that will combine best with the place.

If there are still doubts, you have to know that green combines very well with yellow, black, white, and of course with all shades of green; black and white, being universal, combine well with all; and yellow is perfect with bluish, reddish, fuchsia and purple colors.

Once the color is clear, you can move on to other equally essential topics:

Size / space

How many meters available are there in the place where you want to put the garden dining room? You need to know this in order to buy the right size furniture. Sometimes you make the mistake of acquiring one that ends up being too big, and of course, you have to return it and choose another, with all the waste of time that this implies.


The garden furniture They are made of different materials: plastic, wood, rattan, steel … Their quality can make prices more expensive, but when it comes to furniture, the price almost always tells us a lot about their characteristics. Thus, a sofa made of untreated wood, and therefore cheap, is normally intended to be in an indoor area; on the other hand plastic, steel, or even rattan ones can be left out in the open.


No more wondering if you want to buy a sofa with a table, or a set of tables and chairs. Again, knowing in advance the available space will be crucial to make a decision, but if you already know: what is the most comfortable and practical for you? Usually, If you plan to hold family gatherings with many participants, a table with chairs is more practical, but if not, a sofa is a good option. In addition, the latter will also be ideal if you want to rest.

Price range

The cheap can be expensive. This applies to many things, and also to garden dining furniture. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure that those who beforehand they are interesting are really what you need. For this reason, do not hesitate for a second to compare models and ask any doubts that may arise to stay with the tranquility that is acquired just the dining room you want.

What is the maintenance of a garden dining room?

A garden dining room can have a sofa or chairs

A garden dining room can have a sofa or chairs

Ideally, the set of furniture that makes up a garden dining room looks good all year round. Thus, once a day it is highly recommended to wipe them with a dry clothto remove dust and dirt. In the case that the furniture is made of rattan, to make it even better you can use a feather duster.

Y, What do you do with the furniture on rainy days? It will depend a lot on the material with which they are made. If they are made of plastic, for example, as this is a waterproof material, they will not need to be stored; Now, if they are made of untreated wood, then they should be protected, at least with plastic, but it would also be preferable to put them indoors.

We hope it has been useful for you to know how to choose and maintain the furniture for a garden dining room.

How to choose a garden dining room

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