How to make cuttings in water?

how to make cuttings in water

how to make cuttings in water

The fastest way to get new plants for free is to cut some stems and put them in water. But for it to come out well and to emit roots soon it is very important to take into account a series of things, since otherwise the fungi will proliferate and will not emit any roots. Today we are going to teach you how to make cuttings in water.

So how do you make cuttings in water and get them to root? Following these simple steps? .

What are cuttings

types of cuttings

types of cuttings

Plants are capable of multiplying and reproducing in different ways, not just through seeds. Multiplication by cuttings is quite profitable and life. It is possible that this process, a priori, may seem more complex than it is. However, we are going to give you all the necessary details to learn how to make cuttings in water.

The first of all is to know what cuttings are. Plants can be propagated in various ways, the most common being multiplication by seeds and reproduction by cuttings. The latter is the fastest way to spread. A cutting It is nothing more than a living part of the plant that has been previously extracted with the aim of grafting it onto another. They can also be inserted into a container to develop. Normally, the life part that is extracted from the plant is the stem. The multiplication with cutting is to make a clean cut of the living parts of the plant in order for them to finish reproducing on their own.

Broadly speaking, you will only need a tender piece of plant such as a branch, a stem or a bud. Once we have made the cut and the piece is already separated from the plant it must be placed in a container with water so that the roots can develop. Once the roots have developed, we just have to transplant to the final place. Plant species have their ability to reproduce based on their characteristics. Although this method is quite fast and effective, there is vegetation that is only reproduced by seeds. However, the vast majority reproduce quickly with the cuttings method.

Let’s see which are those plants that will root easily using the cuttings method:

  • Geraniums: They can be easily reproduced by just making a cut between 15-20 centimeters in length.
  • Roses: the cut pieces should measure approximately 30 centimeters.
  • Lavender: you just have to cut shoots with a 7-centimeter tip and then plant them in a place with low temperatures.

There are many more plants but these are the most common.

Types of cuttings for rooting in water

plant reproduction

plant reproduction

Before making a cut, it must be guaranteed that the plant will be able to root without problems. Otherwise the process will be a complete failure. We are going to classify what are the different types of cuttings based on indoor or outdoor plants.

Indoor vegetation

Indoor plants can be reproduced by the following types of cuttings:

  • Stem cuttings: This technique consists of cutting a stem below a knot. The best time to do it is spring.
  • Leaf cuttings: multiplication can be accomplished with just one simple sheet. The leaf must be planted in the substrate. It can be used very frequently on succulent plants.
  • Root cuttings: This breeding technique is used for tubers and bulbs.

Outdoor plants

When we have the plantations outside the garden we can use the different types:

  • Herbaceous: the multiplication is carried out selecting the stems and taking advantage of the tender shoots. The most common is to submerge the cutting in a container that has hormones to promote rooting.
  • Semi-woody: It is used by cutting thicker branches so that they can reproduce. It is frequently used for conifers, vines, etc.
  • Woody: It is called a stake and they are branches that are less than one year old. They are usually broad in thickness and approximately 20-30 centimeters long. One of the best known plants with this type of cuttings are the roses.

What kind of plant can root in water?

learn how to make cuttings in water

learn how to make cuttings in water

Before we start to make cuttings that we will then put in water we have to know well what type of plants are the most suitable, because this way we can be sure that there will be many possibilities that everything goes as expected. With this in mind, what we will have to do is choose plants that are not woody. They can be semi-woody, but ideally they are green, such as the following: geraniums, carnation, African violet (leaves), phytonia, etc.

We will select the part that seems healthiest to us and we will cut it with scissors previously disinfected with pharmacy alcohol. When we have it, we will only have to do the following.

How to make cuttings in water?

Once the cuttings are obtained, we will have to place them in a glass with clean water. The container does not have to be completely full, but it must cover at least half. In this way, you will be able to root much better, and we can still help you a little more if we take a couple of drops of liquid rooting hormones, or homemade.

As fungi and bacteria are microorganisms that multiply rapidly, it is important that we keep the glass and water clean, so it will be necessary to clean it and renew the water every 2 or 3 days. Thus, our cutting will be intact and will have a better chance of succeeding.

When its roots have a length of at least 5cm we can transfer it to a pot with substrate, being very careful not to manipulate its root system too much. One of the biggest benefits of learning how to cuttings is water is making it easier for a plant to reproduce. In this way, we can have our garden or indoor plants expanded with a greater speed than we do wait for a reproduction through seeds.

I hope that with this information you can learn how to make cuttings in water.

How to make cuttings in water?

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