How to buy a cat flap for a door: what to consider

cat flap door

If you have a cat, or small dog, and it goes out on the terrace, or in the garden, what you least want is to have to open the door for it, right? That’s what the cat flap for the door is foran accessory that is put on with the aim that they are the ones who can enter and leave the house without having to bother you.

But how should you buy one? What to look for when choosing it? And which factors are the most important? We will talk about all of this below.

best cat flaps for door

Best brands of cat flaps for doors

When buying a cat flap for a door, you have to take into account the brands that sound the most. And in this case the ones that would be are the following:


PetSafe is a brand specialized in pet products that offers a wide range of solutions for the care and well-being of dogs and cats. Founded in 1991, PetSafe is one of the leading brands in the pet product industry, ranging from collars and leashes to pet water fountains and wireless containment systems.

When it comes to cat flaps for doors, PetSafe offers a variety of options for dogs and cats of different sizes.. These cat flaps allow pets to go in and out of the house without having to open and close the door all the time. PetSafe cat flaps are designed to be safe and durable, with features like magnetic closures and thermal insulation to keep your home comfortable and safe.


Karlie is a German brand dedicated to the production and distribution of pet products, such as toys, beds, collars, leashes, carriers, feeders and drinkers, among others. The company was founded in 1966 and has grown rapidly ever since, becoming one of the largest brands in Europe and worldwide.

Karlie focuses on the quality and design of its products, and its wide range of products is renowned for its durability, comfort and aesthetics. The brand offers a wide variety of products to meet the needs of all types of pets, from dogs and cats to rodents, birds and fish.


Sailnovo is a brand that focuses on the production of equipment and accessories for outdoor activities and water sports. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality products at affordable prices, and has grown rapidly in popularity in recent years.

So much so that has diversified its products since we can find cat doors on the market as another of its product lines. Sailnovo focuses on the quality and safety of its products, using strong and durable materials.


TKOOFN is a brand dedicated to the production of accessories for mobile phones and other electronic devices. The company focuses on the quality and design of its products, offering a wide range of accessories to meet the needs of all types of users.

However, it not only focuses on these products but has a wide variety of product categories, among which are the accessories for pets, and more specifically in terms of cat flaps for doors.

Buying guide for a cat flap for a door

When looking for a cat door there are several aspects that you should take into account to make a smart purchase. Do you know what they would be?

cat flap size

Be sure to choose a cat flap that is large enough for your cat to easily climb through. Check the size of the door cutout to make it big enough for your cat to get in and out of without a problem.

installation type

Choose a cat flap that can be easily installed on the door of your house or on the wall. There are cat flaps that are mounted on the door with screws or adhesives, while others are installed on the wall with a tunnel.


Look for a cat flap made of strong, durable materials that are weather resistant. Some options include plastic, metal, and wood.


In order to prevent other animals from entering your house, a cat flap with a security lock would be the best option. Some include magnetic closures, flap closures, and key closures.

The same thing you should take into account with the insulation (both cold and heat).


Regarding the price, the truth is that cat flaps for doors are not too expensive. In fact, for about 15 euros you can already find basic cat doors.

Obviously, the higher quality, brand and “extras”, the price will rise more.

Where to buy?

Safe cat door

Safe cat door

Finally, we only have to tell you about some places where you will find cat flaps for doors.


It is where you will find the most variety, although Here you have to take into account the opinions of those who have boughtas well as the measurements to know if it is just the one you should put or it will remain small or large.

Leroy Merlin

In Leroy Merlin you will not find many products related to cat flaps for cats (currently only three come out), with very similar prices to each other. Two of them only differ in color, they are the same model.

Now, that does not mean that there are not more in physical stores. In fact, it is possible that they can be found, you just have to go to one of the stores to ask.


In the case of Kiwoko, being a specialized pet store, It has cat flaps for doors for dogs and cats of different sizes, models and brands.

As for the prices, these are affordable since there are both cheap ones and more special ones (automatic closing, automatic opening, etc.) that make their price go up a lot more.

Keep in mind that the cat flap must be suitable for your pet, since it is the one who will use it. If you buy something that isn’t right for her, it won’t do you much good in the end. Do you already know which door flap you are going to buy?

How to buy a cat flap for a door: what to consider

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