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Japanese grass is characterized by its various flowers

Surely you already know that there are different types of grass. However, there is one that is becoming more and more popular due to its immense natural beauty and its easy maintenance. Do you know which one I mean? Yes, to Japanese grass. But what is it exactly? What is it made up of? What care does it require?

We will answer all these questions in this article. We will explain what Japanese grass is and what its most outstanding characteristics are that make it so different and special. Also, in case you plan to grow it in your garden, We will also comment on the basic care it requires. So if you are interested in the subject and you are considering changing the aesthetics of your garden a little, I recommend that you continue reading.

What is Japanese grass: Characteristics

Japanese grass is also called Japanese meadow

Japanese grass is also called Japanese meadow.

When we talk about Japanese grass, also known as Japanese meadow, we mean a mixture of grass and different types of flowers. This vegetable mix can be bought in garden stores and DIY department stores, where the seeds are sold already gathered in boxes. As for height, the plants that make up this element usually measure between thirty and fifty centimeters high.

By cultivating this type of grass we can enjoy a mini green meadow with touches of color provided by the various flowers. In this way we get our garden to look more spring and cheerful. Although it is true that the seeds can be planted throughout the year, it is best to do it between April and June. Thus the Japanese meadow will bloom between June and October. In addition, these seeds do not have to be planted very deep, it will be enough to spread them on the surface and press a little. Generally, they will begin to flower after about two months, and can do so throughout the year.

Another feature that should be noted of Japanese grass is that its distribution over the surface is uniform. It comes to cover the entire garden in a beautiful green with various flowers without leaving empty areas. Where it is more common to find this type of grass is in rural areas, places where sports are practiced and, of course, in private gardens. After all, Japanese grass has many advantages and is very pleasing to the eye, it is normal that it is becoming more and more popular.

Aesthetics and composition

Without a doubt, this type of grass is one of the most beautiful to beautify gardens. It has a very broad aesthetic character because it not only provides the green color to the entire area, but also embellishes it with many flowers of different colors and shapes. This touch of color gives much more life and joy to the meadows. So we can say that It is an elegant and sober grass that at the same time seems very natural. Apart from giving life, joy and color to gardens, this type of grass does not require much care. What more can we ask for?

As we have already mentioned, what most characterizes this lawn is that it is not made up of a single plant species, but rather a mixture of different plants. When buying a package of Japanese grass, it includes various grass seeds and different types of flowers, thus providing a great variety of shapes and colors. In general, the most common seeds in this mix are the poppies, The daisies and snapdragons, among many other flowers. As a result, a green meadow full of different tones and colors is obtained: green, red, white, yellow, etc. There is no doubt that Japanese grass is a beautiful grass in which the protagonists are the different flowers that we can find in it.

How to care for Japanese grass?

Japanese grass does not require much maintenance

Japanese grass does not require much maintenance.

Are you liking Japanese grass? If so, and you are considering growing it in your garden, you must first know what care this grass requires. But do not worry, it is very easy to grow it since it requires little maintenance. The composition of this grass makes it very resistant to drought. Therefore it is able to survive in times where water is scarce. Even so, it is best to water it from time to time.

It should also be noted that Japanese grass is ideal for growing it in areas where the climate is rather warm, medium, Mediterranean or tropical. Therefore it is not surprising to see it more often in these regions. It must be said that during the coldest times of the year, this type of grass acquires a more yellowish color and some of its flowers may even disappear. However, this is not a cause for concern. Once temperatures rise again, the Japanese meadow will once again look just as beautiful as it did before. So we just have to be patient and wait for spring to come to enjoy its many colors.

Another reason why it is extremely easy to maintain this grass is that it is not necessary to cut it frequently, in fact it is better not to. As we have already mentioned before, what makes this grass so special are the flowers. Therefore, if we cut it, it would lose all its attractiveness. Why do we want a lawn with flowers if we are going to be cutting them constantly?

Finally we have to highlight another of the great advantages of artificial grass: The use of seeds. When we acquire a mixture of this type of meadow, the seeds can be planted alone or together. Namely: We can create a new lawn or integrate it into the lawn we already had in the garden, no need to remove it first.

If you are one of those people who love colors and flowers, Japanese grass is, without a doubt, the ideal element to beautify your garden. Not only is it extremely beautiful, but its maintenance is very simple. In the event that you already have a meadow like this, you can leave us your experiences in the comments.

What is Japanese grass? | Gardening On

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