Garden care in autumn

During the summer and its characteristic weather conditions, the plants that we have been growing in the garden have had to be watered practically daily, but thus and with the regular contribution of fertilizer it has not been difficult for them to produce leaves, flowers and / or edible fruits of high quality. But now what to do?

Temperatures drop, the rains come… and our workload with the land is reduced. But beware, we can’t sleep! There are still things we can and must do for next season. Find out what the care of the garden is in autumn.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Fertilize the ground
  • 2 Sows / plants the fall / winter crops
  • 3 Protect your fruit trees from frost

Fertilize the ground

Manure for plants

The earth has nutrients, but these are depleted as the roots of the plants absorb them. This is not a problem if we are talking about a forest for example, since there is always organic matter (plant and animal remains) decomposing. Of course, in the garden unless we have chickens, cows or other livestock or corral animals, we will have no choice but to buy organic fertilizer in nurseries or farms.

The ideal is to get it fresh, but if what we have is an urban garden it will be better (more than anything to avoid problems with the neighbors) to buy them in bags in the nurseries since they do not give off a bad smell. Regardless of which one we acquire, We will spread a layer of about 5 centimeters on the ground and we will mix it with the most superficial layer, with the help of a hoe or a rototiller..

Sows / plants the fall / winter crops


Who said that nothing can be sown at this time? Well, I’m not going to fool you: spring is the favorite time to plant, since the plants have several months during which the temperatures will be warm and, therefore, during which they can grow well; but there are some who prefer to start their lives in the cool season, like these:

  • Garlic: we can plant the garlic clove directly in the ground.
  • Onions: ditto.
  • Green peas: we will sow them in autumn, but protecting them from frost.
  • Broad beans: ditto.
  • Chard: we can sow them all year round, but if we do it in autumn we have to protect them from frost.
  • Radish: ditto.
  • Celery: I recommend planting it in a pot and transplanting it to a larger one or to the garden as soon as it is at least 5cm high.

Protect your fruit trees from frost

Placing the frost protection fabric

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If we have recently bought fruit trees or bushes, especially if they are young and we live in an area where significant frosts occur, it is highly advisable that we protect them with, for example, a anti-frost fabric. This what it does is let the rain pass, but not the wind; This, added to the heat given off by the plants and the soil, makes them very well protected.

Anyway we have to know that can be easily combined with greenhouse plastic, putting the anti-frost cloth first and, on top, the plastic.

Garden care in autumn

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